Digital transformation for small and medium businesses (SMBs) is hugely important to drive business growth and competition, but it can be daunting. In this article we introduce the solutions available from Microsoft to help SMBs digitally transform.

First you need to create a plan for your digital transformation. Creating specific objectives is the most important part of a digital transformation exercise: not having clear objectives is the main reason digital transformation projects fail.

Digital transformation should fall into 4 areas:

  • Engaging customers – finding new ways to interact with and deliver services and support to customers
  • Empowering employees – helping employees achieve more by giving them the technology and scope to do so
  • Optimising operations – accelerating responsiveness and productivity using process automation
  • Transforming products and services – differentiating offerings through data driven decisions


Driving digital transformation with Microsoft

Microsoft offers a range of solutions to help you meet your digital transformation objectives. Choosing a technology partner like Microsoft has a number of benefits. Microsoft is a one-stop shop for your digital transformation, as they offer a full range of solutions that will helps with your objectives. Microsoft solutions have the same look and feel, providing a seamless offering for your employees which drives user adoption.

Microsoft solutions are also predominately cloud based and this is perfect for SMBs. Cloud streamlines your IT and removes the need for servers while keeping capital expenditure down. Being cloud based also means the solutions grow as your organisation does. All of this leads to a simple, seamless and integrated digital approach.

Dynamics 365

At the heart of digital transformation from Microsoft is Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s suite of business applications.

Within that suite, Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s business application for SMBs, providing capability for finance, operations, sales and projects. Dynamics 365 Business Central has the ability to form the heart of your organisation and allows you to connect to a number of other solutions including Dynamics 365 for Sales, Power BI, Azure and Office 365.


The range of solutions available from Microsoft allows SMBs to do more with data, engage their customer, optimise their operations and provide their employees with the best tools to do their job.


To understand how to plan your digital transformation and get more information on the Microsoft technology available, download our guide ‘Digital Transformation for SMBs’.

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