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Incremental and Microsoft support your business to optimise operations, create memorable customer experiences and unify your data with future-proof, scalable technology that adapts and grows with you.

In the Financial Services sector, the battle is on for market-share and customer attention. Optimising your operations to drive optimal performance, accelerating operational impact and ensuring business agility are the foundations of providing an excellent customer experience – the key differentiator that leads to acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

Incremental works with Financial Services organisations to customise integrations, accelerate growth and create winning customer interactions. We do this whilst supporting organisations to improve data management and operations, and control security and risk.

Simply put, we tailor your Dynamics integration to your needs.

Discover the art of the possible with Dynamics 365 and talk to us today about what we can do for you.

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John Doe, IT Director for ACME Product Inc
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Our clients in Insurance work with us to streamline operations, automate processes, grow revenue and harness the power of their data to improve customer satisfaction. Discover how your organisation could benefit from Microsoft technology.

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With our Banking clients, we help maximise cross-selling opportunities, improve customer engagement tracking, drive strategy and unify departments. Learn how we work together to re-imagine business banking with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

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Capital Markets

Microsoft technology is changing how wealth managers, investment banks and the entire industry interacts. Learn more about how Incremental and Microsoft are working together to drive intelligent operations by connecting data, people and processes.

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Why Dynamics 365?

Imagine if you could unify everything into one single, intelligent system. Imagine delivering operational excellence and the quality of relationships you could build.

With connected business applications, Microsoft Dynamics unifies your data and interactions into one intelligent system, allowing you to build quality customer relationships, transform your products, processes and optimise operations.

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Why Power Platform?

Powerful alone. Better together. The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts.

With low-code/no-code technology, Power Platform is designed to empower everyday users to create end-to-end business solutions. Connect with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and hundreds of other apps, to give your organisation the ability to create solutions that accelerate business.

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Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure gives you the ability to manage and deploy applications using a world class cloud infrastructure service with almost limitless scale.

We realise that every business is at a different stage in its cloud journey. We advise organisations on migration pathways and modernisation strategies that meet their specific business requirements.

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