Our vision is for the government and industry to trust Incremental Group to deliver useful digital solutions that help them evolve.

Incremental Group’s mission is to enable government and industry to digitally transform their businesses, one step at a time with Microsoft.

Our Values

We are focused on making things better by challenging ourselves and others, embracing change.  This means we take time to recognise our failures and successes, are always learning and never make excuses.

We understand that regular, honest communication is crucial to our success.  Actively listening, adopting mindset of others, is important to understand their perspective and desired destination.  We always deliver information in clear and consistent manner that avoids jargon.

We design simple solutions to address complex problems.  Simplicity is difficult to achieve, requiring us to think clearly and prioritise.  Simple is not second class.

We are pro-active and constructive, giving feedback (both the good and not so good!) to colleagues, associates and customers.  Sharing our knowledge, strategy and targets ensures we are aligned to a common purpose.

We value everyone’s contribution, and are empowered to discuss, then decide and do.  We set ourselves stretching standards and always take our work seriously.  This does not mean we take ourselves seriously and we are proud to have a healthy work life balance.

Do you share the same values? We are always looking for new people.

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