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Incremental’s Application Management Services (AMS) enable you to reduce the efforts invested in managing your applications. We support a wide range of bespoke applications, meaning you can focus your teams on core business objectives.

What is driving the need for AMS?

Along with shrinking IT budgets, there is a requirement to reduce the complexity of application estates, moving from multiple legacy systems to a more streamlined and modern approach. Other drivers include:

  • increasing efficiencies and improving the value in application support operations
  • reducing operating costs
  • improving the speed of core business processes
  • enhancing business user adoption and experiences
  • maximising the performance of legacy applications

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Incremental’s Application Management Services help you to address these drivers with features that enable you to keep your system performing to the standards you need by providing you with a scalable and secure infrastructure. For purchased solutions we limit any unnecessary customisations to ensure smooth and affordable upgrades are available when required.

We will also provide training and support to ensure high user adoption and continuous improvement across your organisation. Our services are fully Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) aligned and delivered from the UK.

Our services can be offered as self-contained work packages or as a fully managed service.

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Reduce operational costs

A consistent service approach that reduces costs and increase application availability. Targeted Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide greater efficiency, reducing application costs. Our Application Management Services also ensure a high ROI by freeing up your staff to focus on other high-value objectives.

Accelerate operational stability

Transition to steady-state by minimising service disruption with a proactive management approach. Realise a reduction in the number of incidents and improve application availability, by effectively implementing incident management.

Modernise your enterprise

Our Application Management Services bridge the gap between legacy systems to and a modern infrastructure. A modern system empowers drives efficiency, agility and competitive advantage through core application management and modernisation.

Optimise service delivery

Deliver optimal levels of service throughout the application lifecycle, with service delivery based on ITIL best practices. Gain a more stable service environment to support constant and evolving business change.

Features included in Application Management Services

  • Proven low-risk transition process for applications
  • Dedicated ITILv3 Service Desk for application support
  • Industry standard tools for monitoring and management
  • Continuous Service Improvement for all application management
  • Service Level Agreements for application support
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management for applications
  • Cloud or on-premise application support and maintenance available
  • A team of UK based developers providing application support


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