Wherever you are on your CRM path, using Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365, or you are looking to implement CRM for your business, we can help.

What’s more, with our extensive knowledge and our considered, customer-centric approach, we’ll tailor the way we help to your needs.

At Incremental Group our CRM of choice is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. It delivers a great range of features with a familiar and adaptable user experience.

We are a Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM Partner with a large team of consultants across the UK that specialise in Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. We use our expertise to provide a CRM that delivers for your business and customers. We work with legacy Dynamics CRM systems to extend their life and help organisations embrace the newest in technology with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Microsoft’s CRM offering is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Customer Engagement is effectively 3 modules of the same CRM tool designed for different roles targeting sales, customer service and marketing. All of the solutions sit on the customer engagement platform with inbuilt intelligence, the same database and much of the same functionality.

You can purchase a license which provides you access to all three of these modules under the Customer Engagement plan. Alternatively, you can choose to simply purchase the solution you need.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales is Microsoft’s CRM Solution for your Sales team. It is a flexible, cloud based solution that provides lots of functionality out of the box and can be easily tailored to suit your organisation. It provides capability that supports lead tracking, sales workflows, reporting, opportunity management, pipeline management and more. There are other third party connectors available.

Boost productivity – Seamlessly connect business process data with Office 365 and LinkedIn data to save time at every step of the sales process.

Track sales performance – With analytics dashboards showing historical and predictive data you have greater visibility of sales performance and your team’s activity.

Tailored to you – Easily shape the system to your sales process, extend and connect to other apps and services you already use. Decide your target industries and buyer personas. Easily personalise your dashboard to show everything you need to know at a glance.

Sell smarter with artificial intelligence (AI) – Get recommendations and guidance at every stage of the process with built-in intelligence, helping you move deals and prospects forward.

Make it personal – Using the integrated LinkedIn Sales Navigator, easily find out more about your target audience and engage at a personal level.

Dynamics 365 for Sales: 2-HR Demo and Briefing

Our free demo and briefing will highlight the key functionality available from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, and demonstrate the areas relevant to your organisation.

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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is Microsoft’s CRM solution for your service area. It is perfect for your call centre, managing queries, operational actions, complaints and case management. It comes with personalised workflows for any action or process your people need to follow. This can all be monitored and improved with easy reporting to show how your team is performing against targets and areas you need to focus on.

Engage with customers on any channel or device – Deliver effortless experiences on your customers’ terms, through any channel and on any device.

Deliver a fast, personalised service – Make it easy for agents to meet ever rising customer expectations. Intelligent processes guide agents to the right action every time with set SLAs.

Learn from every interaction – Continuously improve while reducing the cost to serve using data and intelligence to transform how you provide services.

Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform – Drive innovation with an application that is easy to tailor, extend and connect to other apps and services that you already use.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: 2-HR Demo and Briefing

Our free demo and briefing will highlight the key functionality available from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, and demonstrate the areas relevant to your organisation.

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Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a new marketing tool from Microsoft, built on the same platform and database as Sales and Customer Service. This gives you the opportunity to manage your entire sales pipeline from marketing to customer, all in one system with an easy handover to sales.

Create and nurture leads – Generate more leads across multiple channels and nurture sales-ready leads with personalised experiences.

Align sales and marketing – Prioritise leads, automate handover and track progress with shared information and connected processes.

Make smarter decisions – Improve marketing ROI with embedded intelligence and analytics that track marketing performance.

Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform – Drive innovation with an application that’s easy to tailor, extend and connect to other apps and services that you already use.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: 2-HR Demo and Briefing

Our free demo and briefing will highlight the key functionality available from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, and demonstrate the areas relevant to your organisation.

Set up your free D365 2-HR Demo and Briefing

Dynamics CRM

If your business is running Dynamics CRM it might be time for an upgrade. Dynamics CRM 2011 is now out of mainstream support and this will be shortly followed by Dynamics CRM 2013. There has never been a better time to consider upgrading.

The first steps to understanding the risks to your business is accepting how easily you can react to change and what does out of support really mean for you. We have created a whitepaper, Dynamics CRM end of support, that explains everything you need to know.

You have two options available, you can continue to run an unsupported system or you can look at upgrading. When considering upgrading it is important to look at your upgrade path to understand what solution best suits your business. See our support and upgrade services below.

Learn more about Dynamics CRM End of Support

XRM (Extended Relationship Management)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement isn’t just about putting your customers in a database.

It’s about new, creative ways to manage your relationships and take them to new strengths. It’s transforming your opportunities, whether that’s driving member management or helping your people to learn, grow, and thrive. It is protecting and nurturing your most important assets.

With XRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to do surprising new things, supporting a wide range of business processes and different relationships. We’ll help you explore your possibilities – and create the tailored solution to realise them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps provide a platform that’s designed to flex. In the right hands, it can extend relationship management to partners, employees, or just about anyone else.

XRM is about taking the proven CRM functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps– then layering on new functionality to maximise your return on investment. A tailored CRM platform with the visibility, reporting, and automation you’d expect but used for different relationships from events to HR.

CRM Essentials

We have drawn upon our extensive experience to identify areas of functionality that regularly require development for our customers and created the Incremental Group Essentials range.

The Essentials range allows organisations to purchase an off the shelf solution that delivers additional functionality without the need for time consuming, costly bespoke development.

Our Essentials range includes; Auto Number, Auto Summary, Auto SLA Calculator, and Auto SMS.

Find out more

“The project was a success for us because of the “one-team” mentality – it’s not been a supplier/customer relationship but a real partnership”

Steve Standring, Programme Director, InHealth Group

InHealth case study

CRM Implementation

Get a new CRM set up for your business and delivering for your customers in a matter of weeks.

As part of our implementation process we work closely with your internal teams to design processes and shape the new system to your requirements.

Our large team of qualified consultants know Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement inside out and will help you identify the best approach to build you the best ROI.

Our approach to training puts user adoption at the heart of the project, this will be a combination of training internal super users, upfront training, tutorials and ongoing training using tools like Learning Path.


Our approach will take you through a step by step approach that will be tailored to you. The steps that we include are;

  • Project Initiation
  • Environment Provisioning
  • D365 Set-Up and Configuration
  • Testing
  • Data Migration
  • Superuser Training & Roll-Out
  • Post Go-Live Support

“Incremental delivered this project in record time. They clearly have deep expertise and experience of D365. They preconfigured a lot of the functionality during pre-sales which gave us a head start, and also had a unique approach to training that enabled it to be carried out in multiple time zones in a very short period of time.”

Fiona MacLeod, Global Strategic Account Manager, Swire Oilfield Services

CRM Upgrade

Updating Dynamics CRM?

Are you stuck with an older or on premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Do you want to move to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement in the cloud?

We will work with you to understand your current system and migrate you to Dynamics 365 in a seamless way. We will help you understand the new features and functionality of Dynamics 365 and the best way to use it. We will help you build your cloud confidence, secure internal buy-in and remap all your processes to ensure your business gets the best benefit possible from its new investment.

Our guide to upgrading Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 Upgrade Assessment

Our proven upgrade readiness assessment involves a comprehensive review of your business to create a plan for Dynamics 365. We will explore how you currently use Dynamics CRM, where you could benefit from new capability, and how to take advantage of the wider benefits of the Microsoft Cloud.

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Replacing a legacy application?

If you’re using an older platform like Iris, Goldmine, or Siebel – or a bespoke platform – there’s every chance you’re being left behind. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has evolved into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, offering new flexibility and capability to all kinds of organisations.

But getting all those new features isn’t as simple as switching to Dynamics 365 and forgetting about your existing application. We’ll help you start with a better understanding of your existing application – the features you actually use, and the data that matters to your organisation. Then, we’ll help you assess your options and untangle the complex issue of data migration. Meanwhile, we’ll use our technical expertise to deliver your business processes in Dynamics 365.

“Incremental have enabled us to become self-sufficient where possible, allowing us to react quickly with our customers. It is a very efficient process and our staff have become more productive.”

Hugo Grimes, Head of IT, AMI

CRM Project Rescue

Not every project goes to plan. But when something goes wrong, we’ll put it right.

Maybe your project was poorly specified, poorly managed, or poorly delivered. Sometimes partners just don’t deliver the technical expertise it takes to make a solution successful. Whatever the scenario, we’re here to get your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement project back on track.

When you call us to rescue your project, we’ll take things back to the basics. We’ll look at your business, the challenges you faced, and why your project didn’t overcome them. Then, we’ll prepare a clear plan for success, drawing on our extensive experience as a Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM partner, specialised in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement delivery.

So you can put the problems behind you – and get the benefits you’ve been waiting for.


Choose Rescue from Incremental for:

A transparent approach that clarifies your knowledge of the solution and its challenges

Fast resolution that gets you up-and-running quickly

Improvements to existing functionality to increase efficiency and drive your ROI

CRM Support

If you depend on CRM to do business, any downtime costs you time and money.That’s not to mention the reputation damage you could suffer when service slows down or customer-facing applications become unavailable.

Even if your CRM is working well, having the correct support in place to make improvements and adjust your system when your business changes is key.

To help, we offer comprehensive support that’s designed to spot problems at the earliest stage – before they turn from minor issues into major incidents.

Our support services

We provide support for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics CRM users. Our support service is based on using our knowledge of Dynamics and how your system works, what your processes are and any customisations.  When we understand your business and your CRM solution in-depth, we’ll see and resolve issues even faster.

Just create your tailored support package, and get the level of cover you need for peace of mind. We provide fixed price support packages with upfront SLA’s and banks of hours to give you the flexibility you need to keep your system live and your team delivering for your customers.

Choose Support from Incremental Group for:

  • Multi-channel support
  • Qualified and experienced support engineers
  • Pre-agreed response times
  • Access to Microsoft Gold Partner resources
  • Account Manager
  • Change advisory support
  • Certified support engineers

CRM Extensions and Applications

Our in-house team of developers are on hand to support your project and take Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement beyond whats available out of the box. For other customers we have provided a wide range of bespoke solutions, including bespoke portals, chatbots and a range of other unique solutions.

Online Portals

Having an online portal that integrates seemlessly with Dynamics 365 has a wide range of benefits, it can be used to allow your customers or suppliers to self service, raise cases, raise orders and provides you a versatile platform to communicate with. Below are some examples of online portals we have built for a wide range of our customers.

  • Event management – book and pay online
  • Partner, supplier and franchisee relationships – look at mutual business sales and cases online
  • Membership management – online applications, renewals and use of benefits
  • HR management – employee services online
  • IT or product support – online case raising or warrant management
  • Case Management – raise complaints or cases with customer service teams, directly through the portal


Take your online interactions one step further by integrating one of our AI powered Chatbots, you can easily train your Chatbots to respond to a wide range of queries and commands and including understanding natural language. Our Chatbots are intuitive and natural and can be used across a range of tools including web, Facebook messenger and integrated into other online solutions.


We work with a number of third parties to provide you with additional capability to supplement your CRM solution

  • Scribe – an established global provider of application and data integration software.
  • Clickdimensions – providing email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, surveys and more
  • XperiDo –  an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate the creation of documents.
  • Maplytics –  is one of the most comprehensive and powerful Geo-spatial and analytical mapping solutions for Dynamics 365

“Incremental delivered this project in record time. They clearly have deep expertise and experience of D365. They preconfigured a lot of the functionality during pre-sales which gave us a head start, and also had a unique approach to training that enabled it to be carried out in multiple time zones in a very short period of time.”

Fiona MacLeod, Global Strategic Account Manager, Swire

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: 6 week global CRM deployment

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A CRM solution to increase efficiency and enhance customer service

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“We found Incremental extremely professional and were impressed they delivered on time and within budget. Being a charity, every penny counts so this was very important to us.”

Stuart McSkimming, Head of IT, Shelter

“A robust CRM system was one of the key building blocks we needed in order to successfully execute our new commercial strategy.  Dynamics 365 for Sales was in place within a matter of days, enabling the sales team better manage opportunities and the business to make decisions based on an accurate forecast.”

Jennifer Adams, Corporate Development Director, Incremental Group

Dynamics 365 for Sales supports 70% in-year revenue growth

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