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Incremental Group helps you determine the right strategy and technology to leverage current and emerging technologies. With an ever growing range of cloud and infrastructure products and services available on the market, Incremental Group provides evaluation services to ensure the correct choices are made, with a focus on return on investment and longer term sustainability.

Incremental Group is a Microsoft Gold Data Centre Partner with deep expertise across Azure. This means we have a large team of Azure Certified Cloud Consultants ready to help you with your journey to the cloud.

Many organisations are not able to make a full switch to the cloud right now.  In these situations, we help enhance existing business functions by supplementing them with cloud services, allowing them to expand with elastic and automated provision. A key element in planning is ensuring current Service Level Agreements can be met.  We provide a managed services capability either on a permanent basis or while existing internal service management functions up skill to handle the new capabilities.

A key concern for many businesses is security and data compliance.  We also offer expert guidance to ensure appropriate choices are made, including when migrating data into the cloud.

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Cloud Consulting

Cloud isn’t right for everyone and it can sometimes be hard to work out if it is right for you.

However, it’s not an all or nothing decision; your business might benefit by moving some things to the cloud now and others later (or not at all).  We provide full life cycle support for cloud and Infrastructure, from consulting to migration and ongoing support.

We provide unbiased advice on your next infrastructure move; whether this be to the cloud or not and take you on a journey to implement the solution that’s best for your business. We focus on getting you the outcome you need.

We can work with you on your cloud strategy to help you determine if cloud is the best move for you.  We also conduct Cloud Readiness Assessments to provide you with a road map on how to get you to the cloud.

We focus our cloud consulting services around 3 key areas: infrastructure, enterprise and custom applications.

We will take into consideration;

  • The speed, agility and performance your business needs now and in the future
  • What deployment option is right for you; public, private or hybrid deployment
  • Your IT and digital strategy in the short, medium and long term
  • Your migration path to start delivering for your business as quickly as possible
  • All staff training requirements and how to manage this on an ongoing basis.

Infrastructure – Cloud Infrastructure Assessment

By infrastructure we mean the core technology required to run your business.  This includes all the servers and hardware, local and wide area networking, Office 365, Azure and other collaboration and communication tools.

More and more companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud, including many traditionally risk adverse companies.  We can help you assess the options and advise on how to make the most of your move to cloud.  We will look to identify a solution that meets your needs, increases your efficiency, can scale with your business and help you reduce your costs.

Enterprise – Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Readiness Assessment

Modernising your enterprise solution and cloud are intricately linked.  If you are on Microsoft Dynamics AX or something similar and would like to upgrade to Dynamics 365, you will need to consider cloud to unlock some of the more advanced functionality. We can help you identify the best way to approach this and what elements to cloud and what not to.


Custom Applications  – Cloud Readiness Assessment

For custom applications no two solutions are the same.  We have expertise in understanding applications and application modernisation.  We will look to fully understand your business and identify areas where we can improve your business.

Migration Services

We offer solutions across a wide range of areas including; Enterprise, Applications and Infrastructure.

We can seamlessly integrate your current set up with the cloud and take you on a journey to cloud based services at a pace that fits your business requirements and digital strategy.


Cloud Migration can take many forms.  From doing a basic email migration into Office 365 and running in a hybrid setup, through to a complete migration of all services to the cloud requiring no on-premise servers.    We can support you on this journey and help you avoid the pitfalls along the way.    Our services for infrastructure migration include:

  • Cloud migration and deployment strategy and design services
  • Office 365 migrations including Email, Skype, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
  • Infrastructure as a service migration, where you run your services that have no equivalent cloud service in Microsoft Azure
  • Upgrades to products where there is a cloud equivalent service (e.g. email, document management and audio/video conferencing are all available as an Office 365 service).


We regularly support Dynamics AX upgrades and have a lot of experience with Dynamics CRM and Office. Our services include:

Cloud migration and deployment – we will analyse your current on-premise solution and develop a migration and deployment plan to move you to a cloud based solution

Virtualisation – We will provide you with the performance needed by understanding the requirements of your enterprise system and fully optimise the solution

Upgrades to Dynamics 365 including all your current customisations – we perform a gap analysis between what you have and what Dynamics 365 can provide then look to use as much of the standard product as possible to make ongoing support easier

Citrix implementations – enterprise applications traditionally need to be accessed through a dedicated client running on a Microsoft Windows operating system.    Providing users access to these clients can often be a challenge when the user is remote.  We solve this issue by supporting and upgrading existing Citrix infrastructure or designing and deploying a new on-premise, hybrid or Citrix Cloud solution.

Custom Applications

Upgrading custom applications can be a daunting task but we thrive on taking complex legacy applications and making them work better for you.

The services we offer here include;

Bespoke migration services –  we can migrate your bespoke applications to the cloud

Cloud migration / deployment – put your application in the cloud, in a seamless and smooth fashion

Citrix implementation – if your application needs to be accessed in the cloud using a traditional windows client application then we can help by using Citrix to help deliver your custom application to your users in a seamless manner.

Application Management Service

Incremental Group’s Application Management Service is designed to support you to achieve your core objectives. Our service will ensure you get the business management information you need to understand your business fully.

We will keep your system performing to the standards you need by providing you with a scalable and secure infrastructure. We will limit any unnecessary customisations to ensure easy and affordable upgrades are available when required.

We will also provide training and support to ensure high user adoption and continued improvement across your organisation.

These services can be offered as self-contained work packages or as a fully managed service.

Lifetime Management

Incremental Group provides Application Management, Support and Upgrades of Dynamics 365 for Operations and Dynamics AX solutions.

Our application management capability is fully ITIL aligned, 24*7*365 and delivered from the UK.  It is available whether we implement your Dynamics solution or if you are seeking to replace your existing support partner.

SQL Server – Azure PaaS, Azure IaaS, and on-premises

Incremental Group is a Microsoft gold partner for Data Centre, Application Development, and Independent Software Vendor (ISV), with a track record working with SQL Server and Azure.

Our experienced team of consultants support all your SQL database needs from planning through development, performance tuning and integration, to ongoing DBA support.

SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 end-of-support

On July 9th, Microsoft will end extended support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2. For users of these SQL Server versions, that means the end of regular security updates. It is critical to avoid the challenges and vulnerabilities caused by end-of-support.

Upgrading SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 should be seen as an opportunity to innovate and future-proof your infrastructure approach.

Our expertise covers all aspects of Microsoft SQL Server: Application development and DBA for on-premises SQL Server and modernising to Azure – both Azure SQL Database (Azure PaaS) and Azure Virtual Machines (Azure IaaS). We provide expert help in:

  • SQL cloud migration advice and assistance
  • Performance tuning
  • SQL Server health checks
  • SQL Server database administration
  • Data security and encryption
  • Transact-SQL
  • Data warehouse design and implementation
  • SQL Server Reporting Services and Mobile Report Publisher
  • Power BI development

Moving to the latest on-premises SQL Server

SQL Server continues to deliver industry-leading capabilities, and by migrating to the latest versions, such as SQL Server 2017 or 2019, you help your organisation remain compliant, improve performance, reliability, and security. The latest SQL Server versions offer benefits such as:

  • Intelligence over any data: Deliver insights over structured and unstructured data
  • A choice of language and platforms: Build modern applications on-premises and in the cloud, on Windows, Linux, and Docker containers.
  • Industry-leading performance: Breakthrough scalability, performance, and availability
  • Advanced security features: SQL Server has been the least vulnerable database over the last 8 years in the NIST vulnerabilities database
  • Make faster, better decisions: Power BI Report Server gives your users access to Power BI reports, and the ERP capabilities of SQL Server Reporting Services

Move to Azure SQL Database (Azure PaaS)

Azure SQL Database combines the rich SQL Server surface area with the operational and financial benefits of intelligent, fully-managed service. Customers can migrate their SQL Server databases without rearchitecting their apps. With Azure SQL Database, you are responsible for your applications and data, but Microsoft manages everything else. They will manage the operating systems and availability, and you will only pay for what you use.

For near 100% compatibility with the latest on-premises Enterprise edition of SQL Server, the Azure SQL managed instance deployment model allows existing SQL Server customers to lift and shift their on-premises applications to the cloud with minimal application and database changes. This is the fastest way to take advantage of the Azure SQL PaaS platform without worrying about application compatibility issues.

Move to Azure Virtual Machines (Azure IaaS)

In the case of Azure Virtual Machines, Microsoft Azure offers virtual machines to provide you with cloud-based server resources. You decide how many servers you need, as well as their capacity. You control the instance and are responsible for the operation system. With just one click, you can access more servers or change the capacity of existing ones depending on your requirements.

Hybrid approach

Migrate your data to Azure SQL Database (Azure PaaS) or Azure Virtual Machines (Azure IaaS) for cost savings.

With SQL Server 2017 or 2019, your organisation has the opportunity to stretch its data from on-premises to the Azure cloud, or a hybrid of both. One benefit of doing this is the potential for significant cost savings, where cloud storage is largely more cost-effective than locally managing data and storing it on-premises.

You also benefit from tools such as Azure Data Services, which has a variety of data management and analytics tools for all your data needs, whether it is structured or unstructured data.

“Citrix was key in providing global access to our Dynamics AX ERP system and Incremental Group’s depth of knowledge on all areas of Citrix and Microsoft technologies proved invaluable in delivering a fast and reliable end-user experience.”

Steven Matthew
VP Information Technology, Proserv

Incremental Group installed an industry leading cloud solution for Proserv

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