Solve business problems in a matter of hours with Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps enable organisations to rapidly solve business problems through the creation of low-code or no-code applications, created in a matter of hours rather than months. Power Apps also allow you to extend or customise the apps you already use.

Power Apps empower non-technical users to easily create custom applications that work on mobile devices to support a wide range of business tasks. These apps allow your people to share and capture information on the go, simplify processes and remove manual or paper steps. Microsoft Power Apps inspire and enable your people to make, in just hours, the changes they would like to see.

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With Power Apps, you can build apps fast with a simple point and click approach to application design. You can choose from a selection of template or start from scratch with a blank canvas. Logic is added using well-known Excel-like expressions.


Power Apps are easily connected to your data with over 200 connectors for many popular cloud services and your on-premise data.  


Once built, you can publish your Power App to the web, iOS, Android and Windows 10 in a matter of seconds.  

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Our Power Platform Showcase is ideal for organisations that want to get started with Power Apps and Power Automate. Using these tools, everyone can learn to build and deploy automation that transforms business processes.

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Where other app platforms fall short, Power Apps is strong. Pro-developer extensibility is natively built into the platform, allowing those with stronger coder skills to seamlessly extend app capabilities using Azure Functions or use custom connectors to connect to custom or legacy systems.

Dataflex Pro

With Microsoft’s Dataflex Pro (Formerly Common Data Services) built into Power Apps as standard, you get a powerful data service with rich customisation, business logic and security capabilities. Your application’s data is stored in a standard format through Microsoft Dataflex Pro, so it is ready and easy to use.

Drive User-Adoption with Microsoft Power Apps

As end-users are often at the heart of application creation, without the need for expert support, driving user-adoption is easy with Power Apps. Your people are inspired to think of, build and publish the app they need – driving high user-adoption.

Explore the Possible

Microsoft Power Apps are great for creating apps for problems or processes where there isn’t the budget, need or resource for a large-scale digital transformation project. Power Apps however also allows your organisation (or team) to test potential enterprise-scale developments in an extremely low risk manner, with minimal manual labour. As an expert Microsoft Partner, Incremental helps you scale up your successful apps into larger solutions which you can roll out enterprise-wide.

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