Rental & Asset Management for Engineering

Module extending the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365

Industry Specific Functionality

Incremental Group’s Rental and Asset Management Module for Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 has been developed to meet the specific needs of Engineering companies who rent specialist equipment to customers. It is used by organisations including Proserv, Nautronix, Score, Stats Group, Hunting and Veripos to extend the power of Dynamics throughout their rental and asset management operations to significantly reduce the time to administer certification documentation and give increased visibility of information, enabling better management of assets and margins.

Sophisticated Requirements

These companies make, customise, sell and rent and service sophisticated industrial equipment. Products include pressure monitoring and testing, underwater communications and positioning and pipe integrity testing equipment. There are some big differences in the type of rental model used for this type of equipment in the oil and gas industry compared with other more standard simple models for commodity products like tool hire or car rental.

Complex Rental Operations

Instead of simple charging by hour, day or week, there are different rates that are applied depending whether the product is in transit, on standby or operational. It is also essential to understand the utilisation of these assets in order to calculate the margin on rentals. Rental is further complicated by the certification required to demonstrate that equipment applied in critical circumstances is properly maintained. This can involve hundreds of pages for each small part of the product.

Extending Dynamics 365

Neither spreadsheets or generic Rental Systems enable Oil and Gas Engineering companies to effectively manage their rental fleet with the complex associated attributes. Incremental Group’s Rental & Asset Management module has been specifically designed to give visibility of all assets to enable them to provide creative solutions to customers and better manage jobs to achieve maximum returns.