Equipment and Stock Management for Equipment Services Organisations

Superior Customer Aftercare

Incremental Group’s Equipment and Stock Management Module for Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 has been developed to meet the specific needs of equipment service organisations who provide maintenance, repair and storage services. It is used by organisations including Proserv and Score to extend the power of Dynamics throughout the equipment lifecycle to significantly reduce the cost of delivering superior aftercare to customers.

Managed Service

In the same way an original equipment manufacturer has to manage the maintenance and certification of their own products, they often also provide this as a service to their customers. They key difference is that in addition to managing the maintenance activity, there is an additional commercial, logistical and customer service layer on top. These organisations have to be able to effectively manage the receipt and tracking of the equipment, inspection, costing, return and invoicing. Many equipment service companies also offer a managed service for out-of-use equipment to their customers. They look after the equipment’s movement, storage and inspection and require a system to manage, track and certify the assets and the work.

Key Market Differentiator

Filing cabinets and spreadsheets are an unreliable and ineffective way to manage this service. Incremental Group’s Equipment and Stock Management module provides an advanced platform for service companies to efficiently manage equipment and is a key differentiator for them in this aftercare market. This single system provides the full maintenance history throughout the entire equipment lifecycle, regardless of the commercial model or ownership changes.