Dynamics 365 Human Resources – Reimagining the employee experience

Finding an HR system that enables your people, supports your recruitment and automates many of your processes is critical to the success of your organisation. Microsoft’s newest talent management and HR system, Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help.

3 reasons to choose Dynamics 365 Human Resources:

  1. LinkedIn integration – recruit and manage applications from one set of integrated systems.
  2. Intuitive design – easy user interface with simple processes, ensuring full adoption from your employees.
  3. Automation and self service – improve the efficiency of your HR team by reducing administrative tasks and empower employees to self serve.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is an end-to-end HR solution that supports you from hiring and on-boarding right the way through the employee lifecycle.

Hire the right people – A collaborative solution, that encourages sharing across the HR function and with custom LinkedIn integration to LinkedIn Talent Hub, it gives you more information than ever before. Meanwhile offering candidates a simple portal and great experience.

Increase organisational agility – Thrive as your business changes with an adaptable, secure, and scalable HR solution that is easy to tailor, extend, and connect to your current systems. Improve productivity and efficiency with automated processes, workflows, and task management.

Transform employee experiences – Empower employees with modern, mobile, mixed reality, self-service experiences that enable information access, guided learning, and task execution without requiring intervention from HR. Enable self-service to help employees manage profile updates, training, performance-tracking, goal setting and time-off requests.

Optimise HR programmes – Improve people operations and reduce workforce costs with optimised benefits, compensation, leave and absence, certifications and training, compliance and payroll programmes. Simplify leave and absence reporting by creating compliant and competitive programmes.

Discover workforce insights – Drive better decisions by centralising workforce data and using embedded analytics to uncover valuable insights that help you increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover. Make decisions confidently using embedded analytics that track and analyse HR programmes.

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Dynamics 365 Talent to Human Resources

Microsoft has recently rebranded Dynamics 365 Talent as Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Dynamics 365 Talent is no longer sold. The Attract and Onboard service will be available until 1 February 2022, or until your contract ends, whichever occurs first. Below are some of the other changes to consider.


LinkedIn is taking the lead on Talent Acquisition, Learning and People Success applications. Linked Talent Hub is a new applicant tracking system (ATS) that became available on 26 September 2019. LinkedIn Learning and Glint complete the portfolio of Talent Management solutions.

Dynamics 365 Talent included Attract, Onboard and Core HR. Attract and Onboard are retiring, and Core HR is now the new Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Attract – retiring 1 February 2022

Eligible customers using the Attract app may continue to use it through 1 February 2022 or until the end of their most recent Dynamics 365 contract or renewal, whichever occurs first.

Microsoft will offer a migration path to LinkedIn Talent Hub. The initial release of LinkedIn Talent Hub supports customers with less than 1000 employees. Data export tools will be available from within Attract to help customers transition to the Talent Acquisition solution of their choosing.

Onboard – retiring 1 February 2022

Eligible customers using the Onboard app may continue to use it through 1 February 2022 or until the end of their most recent Dynamics 365 contract or renewal, whichever occurs first. Migration tools will be provided within the Onboard app to help customers export onboarding guides.

Core HR – is now Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics is taking the lead on operational HR and workforce management. Dynamics 365 Talent’s Core HR capabilities will release as Dynamics 365 Human Resources on 3 February 2020. Customers who are utilising the core HR capabilities within Dynamics 365 Talent will have their service continued under the Dynamics 365 Human Resources brand with no disruption in service and no migration required.

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Our team of Dynamics 365 consultants provide you with a comprehensive implementation of Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Our team will focus on driving efficiencies and improving processes so your organisation achieves a strong ROI for the project.

We offer a full range of services to support you on your Dynamics journey including: implementation, project recovery, upgrade and support.

Incremental Group is a Microsoft gold partner with extensive experience in successfully implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources rapid deployment package

Incremental’s Dynamics 365 Human Resources rapid deployment package is designed to support the delivery of an out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 Human Resources solution. The package offers a quick return on investment and provides an adaptable platform for future changes.

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