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Providing personalised omnichannel experiences across in-store, online, mobile and social apps is now a must-have to retain and attract new customers. Now, more than ever, retailers need to efficiently decipher customer and business data in real-time to deliver a personalised experience that engages shoppers and inspires them to buy across channels.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, previously known as Dynamics 365 Retail, is an omnichannel e-commerce solution that helps retailers to deliver personalised, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels.

D365 Commerce provides retailers with a modern, flexible and cloud-based retail solution across the web, physical stores, and call centre channels that help them to be more agile, build lasting customer relationships and stand out in an ever-competitive and turbulent landscape, crucial for survival in today’s world.

Commerce is enabling retailers to:

  • Centralise and unify business processes across channels, driving operational excellence
  • Empower employees to deliver excellent customer service through intelligent Point-of-Sale data
  • Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience by connecting digital, in-store and back-office operations
  • Build appealing and comprehensive digital storefronts through in-built eCommerce website builder and developer tools
  • Get an accurate view of stock in real-time, helping to optimise operations and drive supply chain efficiencies.

Dynamics 365 Commerce key benefits

Engage customers across channels – Give your customers unified shopping experiences, enabling them to purchase when, how, and where they want, on any device, by delivering a frictionless and consistent engagement across online and offline channels.

Build loyalty and exceed expectations – See a comprehensive view of each customer on a unified commerce platform, respond to their needs at every level of engagement, and foster lasting relationships through intelligent tools that strengthen your brand.

Get everything to build and run digital commerce – Grow your business with an end-to-end commerce solution that scales to your needs across both traditional e-commerce and emerging channels.

Streamline and optimise your retail operations – Create personalised, friction-free commerce experiences and integrated, optimised back-office operations through ingrained and pervasive AI and machine learning.

Get the flexibility and security you need – Meet your operational requirements with flexible deployment options along with a configurable and scalable platform that adheres to global compliance and security standards.

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D365 Commerce guide


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce pricing and licensing options

The license price for Dynamics 365 Commerce is £135.70 per user per month.

Get a 360-degree view of your customer by adding Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

The license price for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is from £1,131.10 per tenant per month.

Help protect your e-commerce business, and your customers against fraud by adding Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

The license price for Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is £754.10 per tenant per month.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce FAQs

What is Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Dynamics 365 Commerce, previously known as Dynamics 365 Retail, is a cloud-based omnichannel commerce solution. Dynamics 365 Commerce enables you to build brand loyalty through personalised customer engagements, increase revenue with improved employee productivity, optimise operations to reduce costs and ultimately deliver better business outcomes.

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What type of organisations is Dynamics 365 Commerce for?

Dynamics 365 Commerce is for organisations that wish to maintain a modern, flexible and cloud-based retail solution across the web, physical stores and call centre channels. The solution helps you to be more agile, build lasting customer relationships and stand out in an ever competitive and turbulent landscape.
Whether your primary shopping channel is through physical spaces or online stores, Dynamics 365 Commerce offers a unified shopping experience. It allows you to pursue an omnichannel approach and adopt modern tools and insights to close the gap between online and offline channels.

What are the key benefits of Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Gives you the ability to engage with customers across different channels
• Builds brand loyalty and exceeds customer expectations
• Provides everything needed to build and run digital commerce
• Enables AI-driven intelligent commerce
• Modernises retail store and streamlines operations.

What functionality is available in Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Dynamics 365 Commerce delivers frictionless engagement across physical and digital channels with a single retail platform, allowing your customers to purchase when, how and where they want on any device.

The key functionalities available in Dynamics 365 Commerce are:
• Connected e-commerce platform
• Online stores for B2C and B2B
• Call centre channels
• Content management system and digital asset management
• Pricing and promotion management
• Loyalty programmes
• Centralised inventory management
• Optimal inventory-level maintenance
• Order management and fulfilment
• Streamlined daily tasks
• Integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

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How much are Dynamics 365 Commerce licenses?

Dynamics 365 Enterprise base license – £135.70 per-user per-month.
Dynamics 365 Attach license (for a user with an existing base license) – £22.60 per-user per-month.

Dynamics 365 Activity license – £37.70 per-user per-month.
Dynamics 365 Team license – £6.00 per-user per-month.

As your requirements are unique, you need a price that reflects your business’s goals and technology. Speak to one of our experts to work out the best license option for your organisation.

How do I migrate to Dynamics 365 Commerce from AX?

If you are currently an organisation using Dynamics AX2012 R3, the migration path to Dynamics 365 Commerce may vary depending on your current database. Our expert Consultants can evaluate your requirements and choose the best solution and migration pathway for your organisation. Read more about the benefits of updating your legacy technology here.

Can I use Dynamics 365 Commerce with Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Although an established connector is not available between Dynamics 365 Commerce and Business Central, a customised integration can be built based on your requirements. If you would like to know more, please contact us to speak with one of our Consultants.

How can I minimise risk migrating from an on-premises commerce solution to Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Moving from on-premises solutions to the cloud can be daunting. Our team of expert Consultants and Project Managers will evaluate your requirements and choose the best solution and approach for your migration, minimising risk to your organisation. Get in touch to discuss these concerns.