Document Pack for Engineering

Module extending the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365

Regulated Industries

Incremental Group’s Document Pack Generation Module for Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 has been developed to meet the specific needs of Engineering companies in regulated industries, like oil and gas and aerospace, who are required to provide comprehensive documentation with their products. It is used by organisations including Stats Group, Hunting, Score and Nautronix to extend the power of Dynamics throughout their quality assurance operations to significantly reduce the resources required to generate document packs and ensure complete documentation is always ready when it needs to be, enabling products to be shipped on time.

Extensive Documentation Requirements

Companies who require this module make, customise, sell, rent and service sophisticated industrial equipment. Products can include valves, pressure monitoring and testing, underwater communications, engines and gears. They have to provide specific documentation at the time of despatching items or completing work to demonstrate compliance going back over the lifetime of the product, covering all its individual constituent parts. The documentation can be extensive, consisting of drawings, datasheets, dangerous goods notices, material certificates, letters of conformity and test or calibration certificates.

Central Control of Document Packs

All of this documentation will live somewhere within Dynamics. To go out to another system at the point when the product is shipped, then into another to trace through the history to qualify if they are still relevant and recent creates a massive administrative task. Incremental Group’s Document Pack Generation module defines the rules of what should go in a document pack and automates the creation of the packs, pulling the documents from Dynamics, at the press of a button, saving time and meeting customer delivery dates.