Maximise the value of your data

Data maturity is how well your organisation maximises the value of its data. The stronger your organisation’s data maturity, the easier it is to utilise this data, optimise systems and processes driving digital transformation throughout your organisation.

It is becoming business critical for organisations to operate on and have strong data foundations and practices. This facilitates digital thinking and adoption of emerging technologies.

Data Maturity Benefits

  • Efficiency improvement – automation of data collection reduces manual labour and frees up time for meaningful work.
  • Reduction of human error – when manually entering or analysing data.
  • Informed decisions – reliable, accurate and accessible data drives better and more informed business decisions.
  • Realisation of new opportunities – strong data practices and processes enable you to push the boundaries of what data can do in your role, organisation and the wider industry.

Data Science 101 for Professional Services

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Data Maturity Index

Incremental provides extensive expertise in the field of data and AI by helping all different types of organisations improve their data maturity levels. The first step in this journey is assessing and scoring an organisation’s data maturity index (DMI) – producing your DMI Score.

Incremental’s Data Maturity Assessment is a structured analytical approach to objectively measure your organisation’s data maturity and provide you with your DMI Score and a detailed report into the health of your data and data practices. Your DMI Score will provide you with a 360-degree insight into the health of your data, your readiness to utilise this data and ability to drive digital transformation throughout your organisation.

Following this structured Data Maturity assessment, if required, Incremental offers a range of digital transformation services to improve your data maturity.

Your Data Maturity Assessment will be led by one of our experienced Data Engineers. All our Data & AI team are fully qualified in our Data Maturity Assessment framework and have helped a wide range of organisations improve their data quality, reporting and optimisation.

How healthy is your data? Find out with our Data Maturity Assessment.

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