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Digital by Default is becoming second nature and a growing number of organisations have a digital strategy that supports the delivery of their business plan.

These organisations demand cutting edge digital thinking and technologies, while keeping business, customer benefit and value for money as the focus. The requirements have never been greater to work with a digital partner who understands the business drivers for digital transformation and who is responsive, agile and delivers on time and within budget consistently.

As well as providing expertise across the digital delivery lifecycle, we provide extensive expertise in supporting the business change associated with your digital transformation programme.

Incremental Group offers a range of digital transformation services including; digital strategy development, implementing a digital delivery framework, choosing and supporting the delivery of a methodology to deliver the programme, business cases development and benefits realisation for the digital programme, development and execution of a change programme to support digital delivery, development of user personas and mapping customer journeys, as well as the development and implementation of an enterprise information architecture to support the needs of the programme.

As technology and data experts we know how complex a GDPR audit can be. With most businesses now using cloud services they have data in a number of places and a range of  processes for accessing, managing and updating this data.

We have created a consultancy service aimed at getting your organisation ready for GDPR. We will carry out a full audit of your organisation and provide you with a roadmap to compliance. We can also advise on any changes to technology required and support you on your journey.

Visit our GDPR Hub to find the tools and information you need to carry out a self-assessment and to make sure your business is ready for the new rules.

Are you GDPR Ready? Find out how to get on track.

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