Microsoft Catalyst: Inspire workshop

Leverage collaborative ideation workshops to uncover organisational challenges and realign your goals to build, plan and execute strategies that transform and scale your business.

What's involved:

The Microsoft Catalyst Inspire workshop is the optimum starting point for organisations who require a session to discover and refine what challenges are present within its organisation.

The Inspire workshop takes you back to the fundamental principles of your organisation. Through collaboration with Incremental, we help you understand and redefine your goals and objectives.

This session unites stakeholders from all areas of the business, getting everyone involved to gain a more holistic view of the pain points and challenges that exist within the organisation, whilst giving you a better perspective on the challenges and goals that have the biggest, most positive outcomes.  

By delivering a structured set of design-led thinking workshops, we enable your leaders to step back from their day-to-day activities and identify the goals needed to create a cohesive, powerful, strategic vision.

Now is the time to set the foundations for success. By working with Incremental, you can realise your organisation’s full potential today.

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The session

» Uncover pain points through our envisioning workshop using design thinking techniques
» Identify key themes and explore initiatives
» Create a case for business change

The outcomes

» Playback presentation of workshop outcomes
» High level objectives and initiatives document to inform the business case
» Q&A session

The benefits

» Natural progression to next phase of Catalyst, Design
» Clear definition of business challenges and how to address them
» Ready for positive business change

Costs: Pricing dependent on the size of the project and will be defined upon consultation. Contact us today and one of our Microsoft experts will be in touch to discuss further.

Why choose Incremental Group?

Incremental Group helps organisations to drive business change through step-by-step digital transformation. We work with a wide range of organisations across the UK using the Microsoft Catalyst framework, helping to create business strategies that support growth and excellence. 

Incremental is a Microsoft gold partner helping organisations drive digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Power Platform solutions. We help organisations with implementations, upgrades, project recover and ongoing support.