Microsoft Catalyst: Empower workshop

Visualise your goals and visions with solution demonstrations, prototypes and immersive experiences to promote business alignment and buy-in from your employees and decision makers.

What's involved:

Get ready to empower your organisation to see the value of Microsoft solutions.

Ideally suited following completion of the Microsoft Design workshop, you will gain the opportunity to see solutions brought to life through an immersive experience that highlights the perfect vision for your organisation.

Primarily using previous business cases, business value and solutions assessments, this is an opportunity to showcase solutions in real life and provide valuable demonstrations that highlight drivers for change.

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The session

» Solution demonstrations
» Delve deeper into solutions

The outcomes

» Visualise your future
» Understand the impact of solutions

The benefits

» Immerse yourself in real life demonstrations before implementation
» Be prepared to take your organisation to implementation

Costs: Pricing dependent on the size of the project and will be defined upon consultation. Contact us today and one of our Microsoft experts will be in touch to discuss further.

Why Incremental?

Incremental Group helps organisations to drive business change through step-by-step digital transformation. We work with a wide range of organisations across the UK using the Microsoft Catalyst framework, helping to create business strategies that support growth and excellence. 

Incremental is a Microsoft gold partner helping organisations drive digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Power Platform solutions. We help organisations with implementations, upgrades, project recovery and ongoing support.