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Technology is no longer the main blocker preventing manufacturing organisations from driving productivity and differentiation.  Having an awareness of the huge amount of technology available, a vision and investment case is what is now required.

Incremental Group helps manufacturers understand and exploit today’s Microsoft technology to drive improvements in their business one step at a time. No matter how far away you feel from the 4th Industrial Revolution or Manufacturing 4.0, Incremental Group works to makes sure you don’t get left behind.

Incremental Group works with manufacturers on digital strategy development, enterprise systems, cloud, AI and machine learning, data and analytics to:

  • Sustain profit improvement
  • Gain greater operational insight
  • Deliver a better service
  • Establish a platform for growth.

Intelligent Manufacturing Readiness Assessment

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Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers market leading operational and finance capability designed specifically to support manufacturing. It provides you with the ability to bring agility and efficiency to your manufacturing by using an integration solution that optimises production planning, project management, operations & activity scheduling and cost management.

  • Create your ideal manufacturing mix and support your manufacturing processes throughout the supply chain.
  • Optimise manufacturing principles for each product family, including make to stock, make to order, pull to order, configure to order, and engineer to order.
  • Accelerate your manufacturing material and finished goods flow with advanced warehouse management, handheld scanner support, and transport management.
  • Optimise production scheduling across the organisation with a unified resource model and scheduling engine.
  • Improve product quality and output by identifying and resolving issues through real-time insights providing a traceable audit trail for each product.
  • Find out how much your products cost to produce with time and attendance and shop floor data that provides you with a cost variance analysis.
  • Ensure each employee is certified for each action with integration with Talent and resource allocation.

Free guide: The Future of Manufacturing with Microsoft

Future of manufacturing guide
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Our services

  • Digital strategy:  we put digital at the heart of business plans and advise how you can transform your organisation and embrace industry 4.0.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: we have strong expertise in Dynamics 365, AX, GP and NAV within the manufacturing industry. We provide Dynamics 365 consultancy, implementation, localisation, support and project recovery. We also deliver legacy systems (AX, NAV and GP) support, upgrade and modernisation, and recovery. We have deep expertise designing solutions for manufacturers using Dynamics 365.
  • Cloud: we take manufacturers on a journey to the cloud, harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure, providing you with a flexible and scalable infrastructure and access to the many services Azure offers. Azure offers a wide range of IoT and AI services.
  • IntelligenceWe provide advanced data services, including practical applications of AI and machine learning to deliver competitive advantage. We also support businesses with data visualisation using Power BI. 
  • Applications: we build custom applications to extend the capability of Dynamics or as standalone solutions to meet your bespoke requirements.

Manufacturing with Dynamics 365 overview

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations offers manufacturers a wide range of capability to manage their production process and optimise their operations. In our briefing we will explain and demonstrate how the solution achieves this.

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