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Well-Safe Solutions optimise its human resources programmes with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

“Dynamics 365 Human Resources has empowered our business as we approach 200 employees. Our employees now use the Self Service functionality to access their profiles, performance journals, goal setting and time off requests.”

Anita Martin, HR Manager, Well-Safe Solutions

The decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations and pipelines on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) is controlled through the Petroleum Act 1998. Owners of oil and gas installations and pipelines are required to decommission their offshore infrastructure at the end of a field’s economic life and the 1998 Act requires owners to set out the measures to decommission disused installations and/or pipelines in a decommissioning programme.

Well-Safe Solutions was established in 2017 to provide a safe and cost-efficient approach to the decommissioning of on and offshore wells. It offers a specialist well abandonment service that allows operators to meet the challenges and regulatory requirements around safely decommissioning wells, while significantly reducing costs.

Manual processes creating inefficiencies

Well-Safe Solutions is a fast-growing company and in the beginning, the HR department team relied heavily upon Microsoft Excel and manually processed paper copies of documents, such as holiday requests. Anita Martin, HR Manager at Well-Safe Solutions said “As Well-Safe Solutions started to grow, we realised that a more robust, automated solution was needed.”

"As Well-Safe Solutions started to grow we realised that a more robust, automated solution was needed."

A robust, automated HR solution

Well-Safe Solutions was in a fortunate position. Due to its infancy, it wasn’t constrained by pre-existing processes and wasn’t at the mercy of trying to shoehorn long established processes into a system that may not necessarily be the right fit. Anita said “Well-Safe Solutions had a unique opportunity to implement a solution that would meet the majority of our needs without necessary customisations”. In 2019, Well-Safe Solutions had successfully integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Incremental and therefore Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources felt like a natural choice to explore and an opportunity to benefit from and strengthen the relationship already established with Incremental.

Incremental took a pragmatic approach to Well-Safe Solutions’ project and the first step was to break down the full set of requirements into a project plan clearly identifying the must have outcomes. Well-Safe Solutions formed its own internal team that worked closely with Incremental’s delivery team, a partnership that proved invaluable throughout the project. Through initial discovery sessions, Well-Safe Solutions was able to explore the full functionality of Dynamics 365 Human Resources and visualise how the solution would work for both the HR department and its entire workforce. Anita reflected “A key highlight of Incremental’s approach to our project was that we were able to pull through our data into the test environment. This allowed us to make certain we were getting the results we needed. Seeing tangible results really helped propel the project.”

“Incremental had an open and positive approach to our Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation, which we fully expected because of our positive experience with the implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central.”

Well-Safe Solutions has reduced its organisational complexity with human resources administration

For Well-Safe Solutions, automation of processes has been the greatest benefit realised from Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Early in the process Anita and her team identified the manual processes that could be digitised to provide self service to its employees. Anita explained “Previously holiday requests were submitted on paper sheets which as you can imagine was not only time consuming but exposed us to the risk of errors being made. Removing manual interventions, our employees now submit and have holiday requests approved via Dynamics 365 Human Resources Self Service. We have a live record of all holidays requested from the entire workforce which not only avoids excess absence during peak holiday periods and thereby protecting our business but also provides our employees with transparency over how many holidays they have taken and left to take.” This one example highlights the improvements in productivity and efficiency with automated processes, workflows and task management.

Discovering workforce insights

With Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Well-Safe Solutions is able to improve its workforce planning with data rich reports and dashboards from Power BI  that allow it to centralise, analyse and visualise overviews of its workforce including; benefits they receive, length of service and turnover of staff.

Simplifying HR administration

Understandably, implementing during a period of growth means Well-Safe Solutions has found it difficult to quantify and compare the benefits pre-Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Anita says however “What we do know is that with almost 200 employees we couldn’t manage our business on excel spreadsheets!” With Dynamics 365 Human Resources Well-Safe Solutions has reduced its organisational complexity with human resources administration that accurately reflects its organisation structure, hierarchies and personnel records.

"Dynamics 365 Human Resources has proved to be an excellent management tool."

Unlocking the value of the Microsoft eco-system

Incremental provides ongoing support to Well-Safe Solutions’ users for both Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Dynamics 365 Business Central, allowing the team to discover and unlock the full potential of the systems and Well-Safe Solutions’ investment. The systems are continuing to unlock more value and potential for the organisation as it continues to grow and expand into new markets both in the UK and internationally.

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