Incremental transforms business processes for a leading Oil and Gas management services client

“The approach Incremental took was fantastic. By taking the time to find out everything they could about our business and what we wanted to achieve from the system, we now have a solution that works for us.”

Our client serves the Energy, Oil and Gas industry and is recognised as a leading provider of distinctive pipeline intelligence.


Underutilisation of current solution and a lack of confidence in data

When migrating from Sage to Dynamics 365 Business Central with a previous partner, our client experienced many challenges. Its original digital transformation partner was unable to offer the support and insight our client desperately required. Failure to adequately train and support its users, combined with a substandard implementation meant our client was left with a Dynamics 365 Business Central solution it had put faith and budget into but could not fully optimise.

The reality was that investment had been made into an industry-leading, comprehensive business management solution, but teams were limited to using it as a basic bookkeeping package. Despite persevering with a Dynamics 365 Business Central solution that was ultimately not fit for purpose, the finance team had to create excel documents to allow continuation of the accounting function of the business. Financial reporting was becoming slow and cumbersome due to the manual processes now in place, inaccurate due to system issues and left the entire accounting function unable to meet necessary deadlines and accounting standards.

Due to the previous partners’ erroneous build of the Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, our client was left with little data from 2019 – 2020. Accurate stock control became an issue and users had little buy-in and understanding of the system.

Long term, our client required support to build the correct ERP solution for its business, however an immediate interim solution to meet its urgent accounting and operational requirements was the priority.

"The inadequacy of our previous partner meant we were only able to use Dynamics 365 Business Central as a bookkeeping package. We needed a partner that would unlock the full capabilities of the solution."

A trusted partner

Our client needed a fresh start with a trusted, digital transformation partner. Incremental were partner of choice largely due to the approach taken by our consultants. Kerry Orr, a Senior Dynamics Consultant at Incremental, spent a significant amount of time establishing how the existing solution had been built by the original partner, what the issues were and what solution she could provide in the short term to resolve our client’s immediate accounting requirements.

After a lengthy consultation period, Incremental was convinced that Dynamics 365 Business Central remained the right solution to meet  requirements, however proposed that our client migrated from on-premises to the cloud. Dynamics 365 Business Central would enable teams to seamlessly connect financials, sales and operations systems and dramatically improve the accounting function’s ability to process and report data. This enables users to make better decisions based on accurate information.

Under normal circumstances, it can be an anxious time for a business when implementing a bespoke solution. Because our client had been let down in the past, gaining trust and buy-in from the users was a key part of the strategy employed by the Incremental team.

Our proposed solution was bespoke and ongoing training with its users was agreed as fundamental to the implementation. In addition to creating a comprehensive training plan, Incremental was available to resolve any issues as and when they were identified by the client team, giving them much-needed reassurance.

“It was such a relief to collaborate with people that genuinely could offer not just a solution, but a best practice approach that was created for our needs.”

Increased automation and streamlined processes

Working together, we achieved the outcomes needed by the client including;

  • Confidence in data
  • Full utilisation of the system
  • High reporting standards

Our client now has a solution in place that meets its core business needs and one that will evolve and grow with the business. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, our client has accelerated financial close, month-end reporting is now error-free and the quality of the data has considerably improved. The time spent on these tasks has dramatically reduced and the team is now able to focus on more value-add tasks.

"Dynamics 365 Business Central has helped us quickly and easily identify transactions by country, something we struggled with in the past."

A knowledgeable and trusted relationship

As our client explores the full capability of Dynamics 365 Business Central it is seeing continuous improvements and enhanced user experience.

Continuing its digital transformation journey with Incremental, our client is now turning its attention to its existing marketing and manufacturing solutions, both of which currently use Microsoft Excel. Preliminary sessions have already taken place and both Incremental and our client are excited to see what this next stage brings.

“The project focused on accounting, stock control and reporting features to achieve our initial goals. Now, with Incremental we are looking towards the next stage of our digital transformation journey.”

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