HR solution brings management control to London Borough

“This was a complex project where we were working with new applications and under difficult circumstances. Yet despite this the go-live was one of the smoothest we’ve had.”

Kevin McHugh, Programme Manager, Capita

Barnet London Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Barnet in Greater London, England.

Barnet is the second largest London Borough, by population, with over 330,000 inhabitants in an area of 33 square miles. The Council employs around 9,000 people including school staff.

Delivering a fully functioning HR and payroll function in a short timeframe

Barnet Council awarded Capita the contract to run the council’s back office services including Human Resources and Payroll, Finance, IT and  procurement. The challenge of this project was significant:

  • Tight timescales
  • Taking over a range of complex services
  • The need to deliver excellent services to Barnet residents.

The first phase of the project to go live was HR and Payroll. Kevin McHugh, Programme Manager, Capita said “We had a number of challenges with this project. Firstly, we made a decision to upgrade Barnet Council’s existing HR management system to Core HR, with Microsoft  Dynamics CRM for workload management.” Capita reached out to Incremental to help deliver this project.

The project had very tight timescales. As McHugh explains, “It was supposed to be a year-long delivery but we ended up with only six months.”

"It was supposed to be a year-long delivery but we ended up with only six months.”

A streamlined solution

In this implementation, the role of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was to give Capita the management control they needed for back office workload management, case tracking and auditability. This would enable Capita to monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) and ultimately demonstrate to Barnet that they were meeting their service level agreement (SLA).

The HR function included the ability to:

  • Answer queries from employees and managers
  • Carry out HR tasks and managing the payroll

Around 90 template processes were set up for dealing with typical HR activities such as setting up new starters on the system, signing off timesheets and registering sick leave. The solution included both Core HR and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver what Barnet Council needed.

Kevin McHugh, Programme Manager said, “We worked with Incremental to set up an email integration from Core HR to the CRM workload management system whenever a manual transaction was needed. This generates a case in the CRM system. Each case is then prioritised and allocated to the correct team for action, all with full audit trail. Cases are also generated when someone emails or calls the HR team with an action or query. This way we can ensure tasks are completed quickly, in line with the SLA.”

A nightly interface between Core HR and Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensures all the employee contacts in CRM are up to date. This was a piece of work that Incremental had developed for a previous project, and so despite its complexities, the implementation went smoothly.

By streamlining the HR service and building in some self-service functionality for employees and managers, the HR function is now delivered by a team of around 25 staff from Capita as opposed to the 70 previously based at Barnet.

The project hit Barnet Council’s target of going live with the six month timeframe.

"This was a complex project where we were working with new applications and under difficult circumstances. Yet despite this the go-live was one of the smoothest we’ve had.”

A fully functioning HR solution

  • Confidence in their workload management tool – Efficient workload management is an essential part of Capita’s service proposition to Barnet Council. Kevin McHugh, Programme Manager said, “CRM for workload management lets us prioritise HR tasks and streamline the whole service. It’s a key part of our back office service.”
  • Delivered on time – Despite the challenging deadlines, Incremental delivered a working solution for Barnet Council within a very tight timescale.
  • A tailored hosted CRM solution – Incremental provides a hosted service for Capita/Barnet Council. This takes away the burden on Capita of having their own internal IT systems and support. On this point, McHugh said, “This added to the painless experience.”
  • Significant cost savings and service improvements – By outsourcing their HR and Payroll function Barnet Council have made significant cost savings while at the same time achieving better levels of service. With regards to the number of people required to deliver the HR tasks of the council, this has been reduced from 70 members of Barnet Council to just 25 at Capita.
  • Confidence in the tool
  • Delivered on time
  • Tailored hosted CRM service
  • Significant cost savings
  • Large service improvements

A trusted partner

When asked about working with Incremental again in the future, Kevin McHugh of Capita said, “If someone turns round to me and says ‘you’re doing a project’ and Microsoft Dynamics is one of the applications then it’s a bit of a sigh of relief. Incremental is very good, very flexible, and Dynamics CRM is a proven product which is easy to implement. We trust Incremental to go in and do a good job.”

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