Focusing on what matters

Our mission to enable government, not for profit and industry organisations undergo digital transformation, step by step with Microsoft, remains as relevant today as it always has. Indeed, FY21 demonstrated that in the most unprecedented of circumstances, it is those organisations who make best use of digital technology that are best equipped to deal with whatever is thrown at them.

The dramatic shift to home working throughout the last year has demonstrated to all businesses that the power of the cloud is something that can increase business resilience and agility. The breadth of the Microsoft cloud offerings remains unparalleled. In a year like no other, Microsoft has demonstrated that it supports businesses with products like no other. Our belief remains firm that reimagining the digital heart of organisations is best done with Microsoft.

Our ambition remains undiminished and we will continue our journey to create more than 600 highly skilled jobs. Our revenues will increase to more than £75m, delivering an EBITDA exceeding £15m. We will grow both organically and by acquiring complementary businesses.

For FY22 our strategy covers five strategic objectives.


Only by attracting, developing and retaining the best people will we be successful. Our strategic objective is to build and develop a truly world class company culture that will enable us to do this. Our focus this year is on continuing the positive momentum we have gained last year by continuing to enhance our learning and development (L&D) strategy. We are evolving our line management development as well as our approach to recruitment ensuring that we provide an exceptional candidate experience. We are also reimagining our offices to embrace the new world of hybrid working.


We exist to deliver a truly exceptional service for our clients that enables them to digitally transform. Another of our strategic objectives is to continue to improve the quality of services we deliver. Our focus this year is on developing our newly created Operational Excellence function to ensure we are continually improving and evolving what we do. Our commitment to service quality will be further enhanced by improving our regular, independent check-ins with clients to ensure the voice of the customer is heard throughout our organisation and with the introduction of our customer net promoter score programme.

"The NCC selected Incremental to provide a software solution for our new Unified Business System in November 2019. The main goal of this project was for our business to have a unified means to manage data, from a central repository (single source of truth), which could be controlled and monitored in an effective and efficient way across the business.

We were looking for a partner rather than a supplier who would help us through the process and share our values and so we selected Incremental through a very competitive process. Over the next 12 months, despite the pandemic, Incremental have built a system for us using the Dynamics platform that we are now using and from which we are starting to see some benefits."

Andrew Hopcraft, Chief Operating Officer, The National Composites Centre


Incremental benefits from a strong brand that is on a par with organisations of a much greater scale. A strategic objective this year is to review and re-assess the competitive landscape and align our brand to ensure it remains ahead of the competition.


Enhancing our sales capacity, capability and processes has the potential to transform our business performance. Our strategic transformation objective is to reimagine our sales approach. Our focus is ensuring we have the right structure, processes and practices to assure a top-class sales performance across the organisation. We are investing in our people to ensure our sales teams have the right skills to be successful and continuing to develop every Incrementalist so they understand and can support our sales efforts effectively.


With a buoyant market and significant demand for our services, our target is to grow each of our three business units in the year ahead. We will focus on ensuring our sales orders continue to increase, recruiting well and continuing to increase our average sales order size across the group. We will also continue to acquire strategically.