Set for success


Set for success

Renewed sense of purpose

Our mission is to enable government and industry to digitally transform their organisations, one step at a time. We do this by partnering with Microsoft, the world’s leading technology company, implementing solutions that enable improved performance for our customers.

We continue to focus on reimagining the digital heart of organisations with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We remain concentrated on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions but our customer deliveries are rarely standalone, often including Office 365 for office productivity, the Power Platform for rapid transformation and Azure for cloud, data and AI solutions.

Our ambition remains to create more than 600 highly skilled jobs. Our revenues will increase to more than £75m, delivering an EBITDA exceeding £15m. We will grow both organically and by acquiring complementary businesses.

Since our creation in 2015, we have continued to evolve our organisation to provide a platform for growth. Our cellular business model has given us the flexibility to respond quickly to the challenges we face and will serve us well in the future as we continue to expand organically and through acquisition.

Enabling digital transformation and cloud migration

Implementing a new ERP or CRM system offers organisations the opportunity to reimagine business processes. Customers increasingly look to partners with a track record in successful implementation who are driven by business outcomes and can also bring the vision and capability to support wider digital transformation. We understand that by continuing to evolve our commercial models to greater emphasise a business-focused and outcome-oriented approach we will see greater success.

Our ability to support organisations to modernise their existing legacy IT and application infrastructures remains important. With organisations looking at ERP and CRM as the first step on a cloud migration journey, our ability to support customers with proven methodologies increases our capability to remain engaged with customers beyond our initial engagements. Similarly, the ability to improve office productivity and enable citizen developer initiatives provide us with the opportunity to become a true digital partner.


Learning and development

The cornerstone of our organisation is our people. The skills and experience we have as an organisation enables our success, it is critical that we invest to develop these professionals within our own organisation and more broadly too.

Our commitment is to engender a learning culture where everyone can develop both professionally and personally. In FY21 our new Learning and Development Strategy will guide our efforts ensuring that all Incrementalists can reach the limit of their potential and provide exceptional outcomes for our customers.

Diversity and inclusion

Since our inception we have prided ourselves on our inclusive nature. Our desire has been, and remains, to attract as diverse a range of people to our organisation as we can because we know that diversity of thought is critical to our success

It is against the law to discriminate against someone because their age, disability, gender, sex, race, religion, marital status, parental status, and sexual orientation. But, recent events both internationally and locally have demonstrated that systemic racism still exists within our society. As a business we do not exist separately from society, rather we are part of it, and we have a duty to actively support the eradication of inequality and discrimination wherever it exists.

Mental health first aid

This year saw us continue to support mental health with the introduction of mental health first aiders. Incrementalists from across the company volunteered to be trained and go on to host mental health drop in meetings, setting up a working group to oversee and coordinate our efforts.

Our employee-led mental health support activities create a safe and caring environment for everyone within the organisation to talk openly and get the support they require. This is now a core component of our employee wellbeing programme.


We are proud to continue our close partnership with Microsoft. In achieving Microsoft’s Inner Circle status in FY20 and again in FY21, we are now recognised by Microsoft as being in the top one percent of Microsoft partners globally for Business Applications

We have a close two-way partnership with Microsoft that gives us direct access to the Microsoft product teams with the ability to develop deeper product understanding, influence product road maps, and build close working relationships that support customer engagements.

Our commitment to the Microsoft ecosystem requires us to continue to invest in training and certifying our people. In return, we go-to-market in partnership with Microsoft offering our customers a depth or relationship with our key technology partner that few competitors can offer.