Our own transformation


Our own transformation

Investing in a learning mindset

The pace of innovation in the technologies we deliver to customers continued to accelerate during the last year. The lines also continued to blur between different applications and the possibilities with the Microsoft platform. With business conversations increasingly becoming more technical with the potential that the cloud, data and AI present, we must continue to deepen the technical intensity of our people across the board. It is critical that we keep up with this pace of change to deliver the best solutions for our customers. All Incrementalists – from leadership to sales to consultants – need to live the technology.

During FY20 we ensured that every Incrementalist has a personal learning and development plan aligned to our business and individual needs.

Looking ahead into FY21, we have adjusted our business model to accommodate more time for everyone to spend on learning and development and are producing our first Learning and Development Strategy to set out a framework for Incrementalists to empower everyone to learn.

Inspiring the local digital and business community

Throughout FY20 we threw open our doors to support the local digital and business community with their learning, providing free of charge event space on a weekly basis, and welcomed almost 2,000 delegates. We are proud to support several local tech meetups including PowerShell, SQL, Office 365 and Azure.
We also continued to develop our own series of events designed to educate and excite organisations across the UK about the possibilities for and practicalities of digital transformation. Incremental operates the UK’s fastest growing Dynamics Forum and this success was celebrated in October 2019 when we were the first Microsoft partner to host an event in the new Microsoft London store.

Our ‘in a day’ format, where delegates get hands on with a technology to produce something meaningful at the event, also gathered great momentum during FY20 and saw us over subscribed for ‘app in a day’, ‘dashboard in a day’ and most recently ‘customer insights in a day’.

As we closed out FY20 Covid-19 drove us to redesign all in-person sessions, taking them online. The success of these live virtual events means they will remain a firm fixture in the year ahead.

Strengthening our Microsoft alliance

Inner Circle membership

ur strategic alliance with Microsoft went from strength to strength in FY20, fueled by achieving membership of the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle in July 2019. Membership in this elite group is based on achievements that rank Incremental Group in the top one percent of Microsoft’s global network of Business Applications partners, and only one of a handful in the UK.

Our rhythm and frequency of communication with Microsoft executives ensures the strategic alignment of our plans, gives us visibility and insight of their plans and influence in key areas, as well as involvement in new marketing, sales and learning programmes. We are delighted to have been confirmed as a member of the Inner Circle for a second year running for 2020/21.

Marketing and co-selling

During this year we have been recognised as Microsoft’s top performing Business Applications partner in the UK for marketing results delivered and have subsequently added a number of new customers through co-selling together.

Adoption of Catalyst

Microsoft Catalyst helps organisations build, plan, and execute business-transformation strategies. It is an envisioning and planning engagement that delivers business-altering transformation plans using the power and breadth of Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft cloud. Since we have aligned our front-end business processes with Catalyst we have noticed a direct impact on our customer engagements. New customers have cited our understanding and demonstration of business value at every stage as setting us apart from the competition.

Investment in Premier Support

In FY20 we increased our investment in our support plan with Microsoft, moving to Premier Support, to provide a higher level of service to our customers. This spans the entire platform and having access to deep on-premise and hybrid expertise is key for a number of our strategic customers who will be transiting to the cloud for years to come. It provides our customers with direct access to Microsoft, a rapid response, and additional advisory and training services.

Solid foundations for growth

A key focus area in FY20 was strengthening scalable foundations to underpin business operations on which we can organically grow and successfully absorb acquisitions in future.
Rhythm and rigour, in the form of simple standardised processes and governance, has been introduced at critical stages throughout our commercial and delivery operations. Highlights include the introduction of a Commercial Review Board and the redesign of our PMO. During FY21 we continue to build on success of these initiatives.

Quality has been at the forefront of decision making and we invested in the development of an internal Incremental encyclopaedia, Increpedia, to capture and share standard information explaining why and how the business operates. This platform enables collaboration, empowers all Incrementalists to contribute, take ownership and remains evergreen.

Office 365 remains our productivity suite and the product innovation and our internal adoption of Microsoft Teams over the last year has been transformational. Many Incrementalists spend a large portion of their day living within Teams. The intense adoption of Teams was critical to the success of our seamless transition to home working on 11th March. This, combined with the introduction of weekly all hands sessions with the leadership team, has counterintuitively seen employee engagement soar during the Covid-19 pandemic.
In FY20 we also overhauled our internal CRM system to improve revenue forecasting, ensure best practice sales processes and provide a single source of the truth for all customer information.

Towards the end of FY20 we simplified our organisational design, consolidating business units and the management team. These changes are already providing more consistency and control.

Internal improvements remain a priority as we move into the year ahead. We continue to embark on our own digital transformation journey, further embracing and adopting of the Microsoft suite across the business to improve collaboration, efficiencies and decision making. We are also carefully considering the near and longer term physical and cultural change in attitudes towards workplaces and the subsequent impact on our existing and future offices.