Focus and structure for success


Focus and structure for success

We reimagine the digital heart of an organisation through effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Engagement (CE) with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We help organisations migrate from legacy infrastructure and application estates, supporting the transition to the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud; and we enable organisations to better exploit their data for competitive advantage through advanced data engineering, business intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Our ambition is to create more than 600 highly skilled jobs by FY2022.  Our revenues will increase to more than £75m, delivering an EBITDA of greater than £15m.  We will achieve this ambition by growing organically and acquiring complementary businesses.  The keys to our success will remain a relentless focus on quality, listening to customers and close strategic partnerships.

Our rapid growth over the last two years mandated that we continue to evolve our organisational structure to provide a platform that can meet the increasing demands placed on it.  Our transition to a cellular business model, where our entrepreneurial leaders build businesses within the larger group, is complete and Incremental is now a portfolio of 5 business units each uniquely focused on delivering for our customers.

Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365 F&O) remains at our core delivering 43% of FY2019 revenues.  Our expertise in the product is exceptional and we are proud of our track record of delivering for customers over many years.  Our Finance and Operations business unit is recognised by Microsoft as one of the most capable organisations in the UK with over 30 specialists helping customers operate and optimise their back-office operations.

The demand for our Finance and Operations business continues to expand with an addressable UK market in the UK for the D365 F&O product of more than £200m per annum in FY2019 and growing.  Aimed at mid to large organisations, the level of innovation with this cloud-first product offers us significant opportunity to support customers make the transition from legacy on-premise deployments to the cloud.

For smaller organisations, Microsoft has created and recently launched Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC), opening up the SME market.

Business Central

D365 BC launched in April 2018 and is one of Microsoft’s newest and most promoted products.  The successor product to Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP, it is aimed at the SME market.  Through our Business Central business, we are one of the first UK partners to enter this large and exciting market.

Accounting for 99% of all businesses, SMEs dominate the UK economy.  With digital technology enabling smaller businesses to compete against larger ones, the market challenge is not about big versus small, it is fast versus slow.  With D365 BC we support these high growth SMEs digitise the core of their business with a cloud-based enterprise class solution.

Our Business Central business is making great progress.  Leading with D365 BC we are winning new customers quickly and are able to support them more broadly with the capabilities from our other businesses.  Demand is high, lead times are short, and we are moving rapidly to capture the market.  We are challenging conventional thinking with packaged fixed price offerings that give customers what they need, quickly and cost-effectively.


Our Business Central business opens up the SME market, representing 99% of all UK businesses.

Customer Engagement

A new focus for Incremental in FY2019, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (D365 CE) has grown rapidly delivering 33% of FY2019 revenues.  Our capability to help organisations digitally transform how they interact with their customers across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors is the cornerstone of what we deliver in our Customer Engagement business.

Microsoft’s recent introduction of Power Platform, an integrated application platform that combines Power BI for business intelligence, PowerApps for rapid low code/no code development and Flow for business process modelling has brought a new level of innovation to the market.  Power Platform will become a critical part of our D365 CE deliveries in FY2020.

Cloud and Apps

Historically, our Cloud and Apps business has been focused on helping organisations support and maintain on-premise infrastructures.  Over the last 12 months we have increased our focus on enabling organisations to transition away from legacy on-premise IT estates to hybrid and public cloud infrastructures.  By combining our cloud engineering and application development capability we bring together the key components to support organisations transition to the intelligent cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Within our Cloud and Apps business we have the capability to transition organisations to new digital infrastructures, supporting, maintaining and redeveloping application estates.  We have added strong capability in enterprise productivity and collaboration with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace offering, making Incremental one of the most complete partners in the market.

Data & AI

With 67% of businesses adopting or planning to adopt AI, the market for data engineering and data science services is growing at a compound annual growth rate of more than 50%.  We have created our new Data & AI business to address this demand.

Our focus is enabling organisations to get the value from their data.  Our data engineering capability helps organisations make sense of the data they have supporting cost-effective storage and management of that data with Microsoft Azure.  Our business intelligence experts provide immediate insight with Microsoft Power BI and our data scientists enable organisations of all sizes to make better predictions and decisions.

Our deep expertise in both enterprise resource planning and customer engagement provides us a with unique understanding of organisational data, giving us a differentiator which we will continue to capitalise on this year.

Artificial Intelligence

50% CAGR

Source: IDC