CEO Review

Continuing momentum

FY2019 has seen us continue to build on the momentum from a successful FY2018.  We have continued to accelerate growth and achieved our strategic objectives positioning us well for the year ahead.  Our commitment to delivery excellence remains critical to our success as we focus on helping our customers digitally transform, one step at a time through Microsoft.


Focus and structure for success

Incremental’s purpose remains to enable government and industry to digitally transform.  We continue to help organisations transform by delivering cloud-based, end-to-end intelligent business applications using the Microsoft platform.  Through this core capability we are targeting a headcount of 600, annual revenues of £75m and £15m EBITDA by FY2022.


Sustained growth and investment

Incremental increased revenue by 90% to £12.4m and EBITDA by 80% to £1.8m in FY2019, with organic growth being the key driver.  The majority of profits generated during the period were reinvested in the business to drive future growth.


Delivering in attractive markets

There is sustained demand for digital transformation in our markets.  We have built traction in the Public, Energy, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Not-for-Profit sectors and are focused on delivering for our customers.


Attracting and developing talent

In FY2019 we worked hard to increase the number of Incrementalists from 70 to 130 to meet the demand for our services.  To attract and retain the best talent we invested in innovative and inclusive recruitment programmes, our employer brand, our offices and our benefits package.