Our mission is to enable government and industry to digitally transform their organisations. We will do this by focussing on the core service offerings centred on the digital heart of any organisation: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Our ambition is to create more than 500 highly skilled jobs by FY2022.  This will increase our revenues to more than £60m, delivering an EBITDA more than £10m. We will achieve this ambition by remaining focused on our core mission of enabling government and industry to digitally transform, one step at a time.



Number of Incrementalists to exceed 500 by FY2022



Revenue to exceed £60m by FY2022



EBITDA to exceed £10m by FY2022


Over the last 12 months we have delivered significant growth across all our service lines.

Incremental Group service offerings - Dynamics, Intelligence, Applications, Cloud and Consultancy

Microsoft Dynamics is at the core of our business. Dynamics is recognised by independent market analysts [1] as a leading solution in both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions delivering a platform for intelligent business applications in the cloud. As a Gold Partner, we are recognised by Microsoft and customers alike as one of the leading providers of Dynamics services in the country.

Dynamics is our largest practice generating 70% of our total revenue, up in absolute terms by over £1.3m in FY2018. Positively, despite this increase, this figure is a proportional reduction from 80% in FY2017, demonstrating an improving balance as we pull through our additional service offerings to customers. This trend will continue through FY2019 as we remain focused on growing our Dynamics practice as our principal service offering. As a growing practice we expect that Dynamics will be an increasingly important role in our business with revenues significantly increasing this financial year.

“Dynamics will be at the heart of our service offering.”

Our work in supporting organisations transition from on-premise to modern cloud-based infrastructures has seen our Cloud practice perform well this year. We have continued our strong relationship with Citrix, winning multiple new contracts in FY2018 and we are confident this will continue through FY2019. This year we have also enhanced our skills and experience on Microsoft’s Azure range of products and services.

Cloud is a significant practice generating over 20% of our total revenue in FY2018, consistent with FY2017. Whilst we expect significant growth to be generated through FY2019, we expect this growth to be lower than for our other service areas. Increased competition, reducing profit margins and continued technological advancement eliminating many traditional facets of operation, all contribute to what is now a mature service offering.

Organisations from the public and private sectors are increasingly looking towards their data as an important asset to improve customer service and organisational effectiveness. To address this, our new Intelligence practice has emerged this year with the capture of an IOC as an anchor customer.

Our focus on data engineering, business intelligence and AI has seen us grow our team to include both highly skilled Data Scientists and Data Engineers. We expect significant growth through FY2019 with a clear focus on securing additional customers that enables us to build a firm basis for growth in the future.

“Intelligence will have a growing importance to our service offering.”

Our Applications practice has grown this year. Over the course of FY2018 our strategy focused on being responsive to opportunities as they presented themselves. Our approach through FY2019 will be to use our Dynamics offering to pull through our Applications capabilities as we have done so successfully in FY2018. We also see the lines blurring with our Cloud practice as the technical skills required merge in line with the transition from physical to virtualised infrastructure.

Our emerging Consultancy practice was focused in FY2018 on attracting a small number of anchor customers. Our approach this financial year is to continue our focus on attracting a small number of anchor customers where we believe there is strong potential to pull through our additional service lines.