Chief Executive Officer

Neil is and always has been fanatical about all things technology. He has a passion for helping others embrace the right solutions, in the right manner, in order to make things better.

As co-founder and CEO of Incremental Group, he is responsible for the strategic direction and overall performance of the company.

Neil was previously Chief Technology Officer at Amor Group and then Lockheed Martin. Here he was successful in fostering an innovation culture, leading the assessment of new technologies and driving engineering excellence. During his tenure as Director of Amor’s Energy Process Safety business unit, he doubled its turnover by securing a number of new international energy clients.

Neil is a Non-Executive Director and Trustee of the Edinburgh Business School.  He is a board member of both Glasgow Economic Leadership and vice-chairman of ONE Digital and Entrepreneurship.  He was also the founding Chairman of The Data Lab.

Meet our Chief Commercial Officer

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