Damian Grech
Senior Developer

Damian is a Software Developer by trade and has been for 9 years. He holds certifications as Scrum Developer and Scrum Master, Agile and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer in Application Building. He specialises in development of applications, bots and cognitive services.

Damian wants to understand the world and loves nothing better than taking something, deconstructing it and putting it back together. This curiosity led him into a career in IT.  Damian’s biggest achievements include developing a system for the fire brigade in Malta to receive, route and dispatch emergency calls to the correct area and another application that delivered better hospital management and illness diagnosis for patients in third world countries.

Damian is a key member of our Application team and he shapes the Application services we offer. He works with customers to gather their requirements and builds applications and bots to help transform their business.  He harnesses the processing power of the cloud to deliver scalable and robust applications that can deliver great return on investment, particularly with the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the wide range of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

Before Working at Incremental Damian was a lead developer for AXA Insurance, designing and building B2B insurance products and migrating existing products onto a new platform.

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