A CRM solution that improves and centralises client engagement

“The people we’ve worked with at Incremental seem very knowledgeable and proactive in finding solutions to any problems that arise and we have been very happy with the service we have received.”

Alison Brown, Programme Manager, Slaughter and May

Slaughter and May is a prestigious international law firm with a varied client list including leading corporations, financial institutions and governments.

Slaughter and May have offices in London, Brussels, Hong Kong and Beijing. The firm has an extremely loyal employee base, with many of its employees spending their whole careers with the firm, joining as trainees, becoming associates then being elected to a partnership.

Disparate information across various spreadsheets was preventing data accuracy

Slaughter and May wanted to give certain areas of the business access to a CRM solution to enable them to become more efficient from an administrative point of view. One particular area of the business that Slaughter and May wanted to improve was the management of their internal and external events, as well as newsletter distribution.

The challenge was that the administrative tasks and activities around managing events were not centralised within one system. With disparate information based in Excel spreadsheets, it was difficult to ensure visibility of both legacy information and up to date data on the individuals being contacted.

For seamless communication and integrity of client relationships, it was imperative that individuals were contacted only with relevant information and events tailored to their needs. With the current way of working there was the potential for duplication of data and in addition data accuracy could not always be guaranteed.

  • Tasks not centralised in one system
  • Duplication of data
  • Poor data accuracy

An event management and client distribution solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform

Following a procurement exercise based on scalability and cost, Slaughter and May worked with Incremental to develop a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that would be targeted at a number of key business areas.

The firm already used Microsoft technology and as Alison Bown, Programme Manager at Slaughter and May says, “With Microsoft we knew that compatibility with other applications such as Outlook would be more straightforward than other customised systems which might result in a lag on new versions of Microsoft Office.”

Phase one involved delivering an event management solution specifically for the administrative staff. A series of workshops took place to identify specific needs and to allow Incremental to ensure that the system was delivered in the way that Slaughter and May wanted it to work.

The second phase involved the management of client newsletter distribution. The solution created allowed staff to centrally manage distribution lists in an extremely tailored and personal way and to quickly manage data changes. Alison Brown, Programme Manager explained, “Personalisation is a key element to the firm, who offer a customised service. Therefore it was important to us that we could very carefully tailor our communications according to a client’s information needs.”

As a law firm there are strict codes of conduct for the usage of the system and therefore the user base is restricted to those who require the system to carry out their role. This includes the business development team for event management planning, as well as the practice and information teams. The firm is now starting to run more periodic client events and for this the business development team require access to the system, as well as the legal training team. Alison explained, “We’re also looking to extend it into other sectors.”

Specific training was delivered for the staff with limited access to the system to allow data entry and for maintaining client information. There was then a second level of staff who have full access rights to the system, and who are involved in sending out invitations to external recipients. Full training was provided for this group as well.

“Personalisation is a key element to the firm, who offer a customised service. Therefore it was important to us that we could very carefully tailor our communications according to a client’s information needs.”

A wide range of benefits across the firm

  • Single view of client information – Staff can now dynamically manage their contacts and view all information relating to that client in one place.
  • Centrally updated information – Now if a contact moves organisation, this is centrally recorded so that the contact can continue receiving relevant information about events and newsletters.
  • Ability to provide dynamic real-time reports – The principle client contact has an up-to-date record of all events and individuals registered to allow staff to create tailored reporting and feedback.
  • Clarity of client distribution lists – One record for one client now provides all the information about all of the distributions that they receive, rather than having disparate multiple lists that the client is on.
  • Auditability of information – Now staff can share the information on the system and it provides a clear history and an audit trail of what has taken place.
  • Process efficiency – The system provides a more efficient process within the organisation of managing the client record and for sending out newsletters and event information.
  • Time saving – Administrative staff save time by having a snapshot view of a client record which highlights circulation and events that the client is invited to.
  • Single and secure view of client information
  • Centralised event management and customer lists
  • Integrated with existing Microsoft technology
  • Smooth data migration
  • Process efficiencies for administrative staff
  • Data accuracy and minimal duplication

A knowledgeable and proactive relationship

Slaughter and May has plans to roll the system out to more users across the business to spread the benefits the system has brought to the organisation.

Alison Brown from Slaughter and May said, “The project has focused on improving the administrative processes of managing the client information within Slaughter and May. We got Incremental involved early on in the process of reviewing how we should approach these business challenges and they were very good at working with us to interpret and validate how it would work using Dynamics CRM.”

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