A healthy CRM solution ensures exceptional customer service standards

“Incremental was able to get Microsoft involved where needed. That was a real benefit.”

Rachael Floyd, Operations Director, Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson Group is one of the UK’s largest providers of employee healthcare and risk management services.

Willis Towers Watson offer a unique combination of in-house medical and insurance expertise, with one in five of their client-facing staff being medically trained. Established over 25 years ago, they have a top three star (Exceptional) score, for customer service standards, supporting thousands of companies and their employees – from the smallest startup to some of the UK’s largest blue chip, FTSE 100 companies.

Finding a new technology partner

In 2010 Willis Towers Watson was planning to replace their existing Goldmine CRM system, and they appointed a specialist partner, prior to Incremental, to install and configure Microsoft Dynamics for them. Initially the project went well but after a period of time, experienced performance issues. Rachael Floyd, Operations Director at Willis Towers Watson said “We didn’t feel we were getting the support we needed. We were having many performance problems with the system as a whole and was running very slowly.”

Willis Towers Watson approached Incremental Group to build a quotes and membership module, but as the CRM project progressed, with performance issues mounting, Willis Towers Watson took the decision to appoint Incremental as their preferred partner for the whole project.

"We were having many performance problems with the system as a whole and was running very slowly."

End to end solution delivered

Willis Towers Watson uses Dynamics CRM for their end customer business. It does everything from the prospecting, lead management, telemarketing, sales consultant appointments, and opportunities pipeline management. Contact management and client servicing are all recorded and managed through the CRM. Willis Towers Watson’s insurance brokering service is also managed through Dynamics CRM with the quotes coming back from insurers and being automatically brought into the system through OCR and Scribe to produce reports that go out to Willis Towers Watson’s customers. It is a true end to end solution, providing all the management information and membership overview needed for front and back office.

Incremental had initially been invited to tender for the quotes and membership part of the system, but ended up involved with the whole Dynamics CRM implementation to resolve the performance issues. Incremental undertook an exercise to look at the system and identify the underlying issues that were causing Willis Towers Watson’s performance difficulties. Following this we produced a list of recommendations and worked closely with Microsoft to improve system speed and performance.

The quotes and membership modules were also key components of the overall solution. Membership capability was being provided by Goldmine and Willis Towers Watson needed to move away from this solution for both functionality and licencing purposes. The new membership module implemented for Willis Towers Watson delivered additional capability to reduce the administration associated with adding new members, editing existing members and processing policy leavers.

Another important aspect of the membership module was the customer-facing membership portal, delivered through Dynamics CRM and Adxstudio Portals. The membership portal provides Willis Towers Watson’s customers with the capability to self-serve, managing their own member data and policy joiners and leavers. This reduced Willis Towers Watson’s administration and improved levels of service to customers.

Quotes functionality was previously provided by Quoteworks (an add-on to Goldmine), but this lacked the level of functionality, automation and reporting required by Willis Towers Watson. A new quotes module was delivered by Incremental to provide the end to end quotes process required. The new solution reduced the effort associated with customer requirement data entry and automated the production of quote requests. The solution also significantly reduced the data entry effort usually associated with receiving quotes in multiple formats from multiple insurers.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to present the quotes data to Willis Towers Watson’s customers in an accurate, efficient and professional manner, which was achieved through the creation of powerful custom reports. “The quotes module links into our Dynamics CRM system and automatically does a lot of checking in the background. When you have a sales opportunity, the system supports you to close that opportunity. Then you can fill out the winning quote and go through to creating a contract. It has taken a lot of the manual intervention out of it, which is what we wanted.” said Rachael Floyd.

The claims authorisation process built into Dynamics supports the nurses that deal with individual members’ claims. The scripting system leads Willis Towers Watson’s nurses through a claims authorisation process and gives them advice about what particular benefits a person might have, what they can claim for, how much money they’ve got left to make the claim, and any other particular medical details they need to know about. It was tailored specifically for the nurses, making it easier for them to use and improving productivity. Rachael Floyd said “It is a really impressive part of the system. The principle of how it works is really clever, as it will lead the nurses through the whole authorisation process.”

“We’ve got staff doing more productive things, like talking to clients more, rather than just managing data. They are now doing things that are a real benefit to customers.”

Maintaining a strong customer service and winning new business

  • Business critical Dynamics CRM reinvigorated – Willis Towers Watson relies heavily on a fully functioning CRM to do their business but the system was failing. Incremental took on a highly complex project and worked with Willis Towers Watson to ensure it delivered the required ROI.
  • Quotes and membership integrated solution – The new module allows Willis Towers Watson to identify and win new business, and to service existing customers in a highly efficient manner.
  • Productivity gains – The in-built automation of the system and cross-checking in the background has significantly reduced the administration load. The original team of 14 membership administrators has been reduced to 6.
  • Performance challenges resolved – Poor system performance was a major issue for Willis Towers Watson and this has been greatly improved. As the system grows in reach and complexity system performance will continue to be closely monitored by Incremental.
  • Collaborative approach – Willis Towers Watson and Incremental worked together, with mutual trust and respect, to deliver a complex solution.
  • Measurable ROI
  • Integrated solution
  • Productivity gains
  • Performance challenges resolved
  • Collaborative approach

Further enhancements to support the sales team

Willis Towers Watson is now working on enhancements to support the sales team. As a company regulated by the Financial Conducts Authority there are strict requirements for ensuring members have had their demands and needs fully assessed. Sales staff can now focus on sales, rather than administration as Dynamics CRM can ease the administration load through automation. The team will be trialling iForms on iPads to capture fact finding data filled out by the sales team. This will then feed back into Dynamics and automatically update key fields.

Willis Towers Watson and Incremental continue to have a very positive relationship, with monthly management meetings where current issues and opportunities are raised. The system continues to be improved and extended, with potential for Dynamics to be rolled out further across the business in future.

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