As we enter the age of automation, AI and virtual agents, financial advisors want to continue to provide personalised customer experiences without the added inefficiencies. This is where hybrid financial advice comes in. 

According to Octopus, 76% of financial advisors think the hybrid advice model is the future. Intertwining the precision and efficiency of technology with the intuition and personal touch of human expertise – hybrid financial advice is the future of managing client expectations in an always-on world. 

What is hybrid advice? 

Hybrid advisory technology integrates human expertise and AI-driven solutions, delivering personalised financial advice to customers. This approach meets evolving customer expectations, empowering individuals to make better-informed decisions quickly and with a mix of human and robot agents. By leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365, financial organisations can connect the dots between human advisors and cutting-edge technology. 

Unleashing AI in financial advice 

Financial advisors are frequently met with changing customer expectations in an increasingly digital-first landscape, on top of managing information across multiple sources (e.g. clients, regulatory bodies, economics, politics and taxes). The current advice gap in Financial Services sits at 13.2 million people, and AI is a promising solution to reach greater audiences without compromising the quality of advice.   

Microsoft Dynamics 365 plays an instrumental role in augmenting the capabilities of human advisors. It offers a comprehensive view of the client, streamlining data management and enhancing personalised engagements. The integration of Copilot AI within this robust platform equips advisors with real-time data and insights, enabling them to make informed decisions, predict future trends, and tailor their services according to the nuanced needs of each client. Copilot’s extensive AI capabilities simplify everyday tasks for advisors, for example, drafting email responses based on previous conversation history throughout email and Teams.  

Moreover, AI-generated knowledge-based articles draw information from your organisation’s internal knowledge and trusted web sources to suggest solutions to client requests and queries. This creates far greater efficiencies during the advisory process, with Copilot generating useful tips and information tailored to the client’s requests. With built-in customer data analysis, Copilot can identify conversation and behaviour patterns to predict customer needs – fostering greater client satisfaction. Watch the video below to discover some more exciting opportunities that AI is bringing to the Financial Services industry.


Real-time risk and compliance management 

In the realm of compliance and risk management, the integration of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform is proving to be a game-changer. AI-based analytics, supported by the robust architecture of these platforms, ensures that financial advisory services are delivered in adherence to regulatory norms and with minimised risks. 

The Microsoft Power Platform also enables financial advisors to streamline Know Your Customer (KYC) processes through intelligent automation, automating customer identity verification and due diligence. This ensures timely updates to customer information and reduces the risk of non-compliance, enhancing efficiencies in meeting regulatory requirements. Advisors can then focus on crafting personalised client experiences, with the assurance that compliance and risk management are seamlessly taken care of. 

Drive efficiency with process automation 

Close client contact is crucial to creating and maintaining strong, lasting client relationships in the realm of financial advice. A key enabler in fostering greater connections in financial advice is the Power Platform, powering a revolution that transforms client experiences, operational efficiency and compliance protocols. 

The Power Platform complements Dynamics 365, transforming raw data into actionable insights – saving financial advisors from missing key points and providing prompts on the appropriate questions to ask clients to meet their financial objectives.  

Power BI, one of the key components of the platform, renders interactive visual insights, aiding advisors in understanding complex data patterns effortlessly. Power Apps fosters the rapid development of customised applications tailored to meet the specific operational needs of financial advisory firms. Power Automate, on the other hand, orchestrates automated workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and client responsiveness. 

Are you ready for the new era of financial advice? 

The advent of hybrid advice AI, powered by Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, marks the beginning of a new era in Financial Services. The personalised, efficient and compliant service delivery model epitomises a revolution in client onboarding and engagement. Every interaction is carefully crafted, fostering a world where technology and human touch combine to provide exceptional customer advice and service. 

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