Take your seats: Microsoft Viva is taking your organisational and employee excellence to unprecedented heights with a streamlined and integrated platform

Microsoft Viva is a platform that fuels employee growth by bringing together all the tools needed to better your employee experience, engagement, and wellbeing, all essential parts in maintaining and improving organisational excellence. The platform condenses Microsoft services with new additions to support employees – the beating heart of your organisation. 

 We first introduced you to the Microsoft Viva platform in a previous blog. Since then, Microsoft has updated the platform by adding new additions – Viva Engage, Viva Goals and Viva Sales, enhancing the benefits that can be derived from your Microsoft 365 investment. 

Let’s break it down: What is included? 

  • Viva Insights  
  • Viva Connections  
  • Viva Engage 
  • Viva Topics 
  • Viva Learning 
  • Viva Goals  
  • Viva Sales.  

Viva Insights 

Viva Insights is an integrated solution that combines data intensive services of Microsoft 365 tools, MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics and enhances them with exciting new features to improve productivity and staff wellbeing. The overall aim is to shape positive work habits and behaviours and avoid employee burnout to maximise productivity. For example, Viva Insights can detect when your team has extensive meetings and therefore limited free space, allowing you to identify the issue and take corrective actions to shape an engaged workforce. Explore more on Viva Insights and see it in action here. 

Figure 1: Microsoft Insights averages organisational meeting duration per person, per week. 

Viva Connections 

Viva Connections is designed to inform and engage your employees through a branded Viva wide landing page that will appear when the Teams client is launched. The content is AI curated based on what is useful to your users and is personalised to cater for individual needs. The platform includes tools to maximise productivity such as news, conversations and resources, in a means to build your workforces skillset and unite everyone around the organisations mission and priorities. Viva Connections is working alongside existing capabilities in Microsoft 365, like SharePoint and Viva Engage, to provide a comprehensive and seamless digital workplace experience for organisation . Dive deeper and discover more here. 

Figure 2: Viva Connections highlighting relevant top news and conversations. 

Viva Engage 

The first of the newest additions is Viva Engage! Viva Engage shapes community and engagement, creating new ways to connect and build personal networks powering social interaction. Viva Engage builds on the social capabilities of current Microsoft programs, creating storylines and stories to share content across your organisation and help you connect with your colleges. Viva Engage and Viva Connections work together to surface the relevant content from Viva Engage onto your organisations Viva Connections home page. To find out more, visit here. 

Figure 3: Microsoft Engage community hub. 

Viva Topics 

Viva Topics produces an organised workspace that is categorised into topics enabling easy navigation to the desired information using AI. The AI transforms content into usable knowledge, which can be shared and refined through curated topic pages that the AI automatically generates and sustains. An example of this in practice is adding code to a project and when the project is mentioned in a Teams conversation, AI will detect and generate the mention as a hyperlink and create access to a topic card. A topic card has resources to describe what the project is and the associated resources to extend learning. 

Figure 4: Viva Topics providing a topic card in an email chain. 

Viva Learning

Viva Learning is a hybrid formal and informal learning model that aims to equip your employees with new tech skills and knowledge. The platform allows people to discover, share, assign and learn from content libraries across your organisation from a centralised location. The aim of Viva Learning is to integrate knowledge into the places where people already spend their time, increasing learning engagement. When people find it easy to upskill, it improves employee happiness, wellbeing and organisational success through a sense of self-fulfillment – learn more about the importance of upskilling here 

Viva Learning uses LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, Learning Management Systems, third-party content providers and your own company content to shape a fully equipped place of learning. Find out more about Viva Learning here. 

Figure 5: Viva Learning provides resources catering to individual employee needs. 

Viva Goals

Viva Goals, another new addition, is a platform for organisations, teams and individuals that acts as a central hub for creating, assessing and updating an individual’s goals and priorities. Teams and individuals are empowered to shape goals that drive productivity, focus and alignment to move in the desired direction. Viva Goals helps create efficiency by producing summaries of progress and next steps for teams, allowing objectives and key results to be shaped based on the relevant priorities, timelines and expected outcomes. These goals can be connected to data to automatically measure results through the capabilities of AI Copilot 

 Viva Goals integrates with other tools to create a streamlined process that maximises opportunities to achieve your goals.  By reducing the time spent on goal management, it promotes goal transparency, efficiency, focus and alignment.  

Figure 6: Viva Goals highlighting different project progression and goals. 

Viva Sales 

Viva Sales is the latest addition to Viva. This platform strives to reduce manual data entry, minimise the need for switching between applications and manage sales leads, allowing you to use your time effectively. Viva Sales harnesses the power of AI Copilot to generate this streamlined approach. Read our latest blogTake your sales to new heights with Copilot and discover how Viva Sales and Copilot can revolutionise your organisation’s sales capabilities. 

Figure 7: Viva Sales marking a potential sales lead. 

Driving success with Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva empowers organisations with a comprehensive platform that shapes operational excellence and drives success. By embracing Microsoft Viva and leveraging its modules, your organisation can elevate its work environment, foster collaboration and drive success in the ever-evolving business landscape. 

Incremental’s expert consultants can help you optimise the Microsoft Viva platform and steer your journey to a modern, digital workplace. Get in touch today to arrange a Microsoft 365 consultation with a leading  Microsoft Partner organisation and start the journey to digital transformation.