Incrementals STEM ambassador, Steven Leonard, visits St Josephs College in Dumfries to educate the youth about job prospects in the tech industry – an industry that plays an Incremental part in the future of the planet. 

/STEM/: abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (as subjects of study). 

On the 16th of June, STEM ambassador and Incremental theme lead – Steven Leonard – visited St Joseph’s College in Dumfries to deliver a STEM talk on his journey in tech, as a means to encourage children to partake in and pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers. Steven delivered an insightful and informative session to the higher computing classes at the college, transferring his knowledge and excitement about working in the tech industry. 

Members of staff at St Joseph’s College explained they had always aspired to invite guest STEM speakers along to talk to students, but previously struggled to make it happen. Incremental’s Steven Leonard jumped at the chance to get involved. 

The sessions comprised of Steven’s unique tech career journey and provided insight into what it’s like to work in a technology business like Incremental. 

Above: Steven Leonard, STEM ambassador delivering a talk to students at St Josephs College. 

Steven spoke on the personal importance of motivating young people For me personally, I’ve been fortunate in the opportunities I have had and the people I have worked with in my career. I remember high school as being a high-pressure environment, particularly towards exam time, so anything I can do to give a little back and provide advice or reassurance to young people is really meaningful for me.  As a STEM ambassador, I also enjoy getting out there and learning how I can communicate more effectively with younger generations. 

Above: Steven Leonards interactive session. 

As a fast-paced, growing technology business, Incremental believes in educating the youth on the opportunities within STEM. Exposing school children to successful professionals and role models in the industry will motivate and inspire them to pursue STEM careers – an industry which is ever-evolving. 

For more information on Incremental’s commitment to inspiring young people in Scotland to get involved in STEM, read this blog on its long-standing partnership with Digital Xtra Fund.