This Valentine’s Day, our Incrementalists have been spreading the love, celebrating the great work of their colleagues across the business.

It costs nothing to thank a colleague however we are often so busy that it is easy to forget. To help share the love, this Valentine’s day, our Incrementalists have been busy nominating their colleagues across the business to thank them for demonstrating Incremental’s core values, which are:

  1. Always a better way – Making things better by challenging ourselves and others, and embracing change.
  2. Listen, understand, be understood – We understand that regular, honest communication is crucial to our success.
  3. Keep it simple – We design simple solutions to address difficult problems.
  4. Open by nature, share by default – We are pro-active and constructive, giving feedback (both the good and not so good!) to colleagues, associates and customers.
  5. We are Incrementalists – We value everyone’s contribution, and are empowered to discuss, then decide and do.

Neil Ward nominated his project team for keeping it simple

“The team showed great strength in getting the customer to go-live, working tirelessly over the Christmas break. The team pushed the customer to a position to be ready to go-live by maintaining the Incremental ‘keep it simple’ value and ensuring the customer maintained focus on the project purpose.”

–We appreciate you all: Brogan Webster, Stuart MacKay, Linda Kynoch, Karen Goodwin and Monika Reiter.

Ken Starbuck shared our client’s lasting impression of love for Danielle

In her first project in her new role, Ken recognised Danielle Craig for “rising to the challenge, with the customer feeding back that she is doing a great job and is clearly very experienced.”

–It’s not only the customer and Ken who thinks you’re great Danielle, we do too!

Ray Little praised Michael Willis for always finds a better way

Despite only being with Incremental a few months, Michael has made a valuable contribution to the Modern Workplace team. “Michael has formed a good relationship with the customer with the customer saying ‘thanks for another great job, well done.’”

–What would we do without you, Michael!

Stewart McKinnon nominated the team who can whip up a dream

Displaying the ‘listen, understand, be understood’ value, Stewart celebrated his colleagues for receiving some fantastic customer feedback. “In the customer’s words… ‘really enjoying working with Joe, Rita and Chris… they are all fun and very easy to work with, are cracking on with the project well and have fully understood everything from our side. Really awesome team!”

–Working together like 3 peas in a pod. Kudos, Chris Tooley, Rita Patley and Joseph Gouldie for a job well done!

Konstantine Tzirtziris called out Deeksha, Parul and Redouane the terrific trio!

Konstantine commended Deeksha Tiwari, Parul Singh and Redouane Kherouf for professionally and flexibly managing a project with many moving parts. Embodying the ‘We are Incrementalists’ value, “they managed to collaboratively handle external relationships while providing confidence to the project teams.”

– Quality work team, keep it up!

Sharing is caring, for Scott Stewart

Nominated by Jess Williams, Scott was praised for his knowledge share on agile and scrum methodologies with her team. Jess said, “it’s really adding value in how we are selling to our customers. Scott is brilliant at bringing examples to life and I love his passion and enthusiasm for the subject!”

–You’re one in a million, Scott!

This Valentine’s, Paul is leading us on…

Despite only joining Incremental in December, Paul Harrison was acknowledged by Toby Harris for passing on great quality leads and opportunities. “Paul is a great asset to the team and his success should be highlighted!”

–Love to see it Paul, nice job!

All the C’s, all the love

Recognising Ciara Inglis and Claire Kirk for embodying the ‘we are Incrementalists’ value, Craig McGeough applauded the quality and the speed of the work they produce as “exceptional”.

“Ciara and Claire are such a huge asset to the team… their help is invaluable in producing collateral we need to make us stand out as a strategic partner of choice. They’re both heroes!”

–What a great pair, Ciara and Claire!

Rajan Sidhu falls head over heels for his latest project

Neil Ward nominated Rajan for his excellent work on a project he was brought onto at a late stage and for getting up to speed so quickly. “Rajan was faced with a project with multiple requirements. By juggling several activities at once, he got a great solution in place, in line with the customer’s requests. Great work!”

–Unbelievable job, Rajan!

Lewis McPherson nominated his project team for a quadruple hit of Incremental values displayed!

Emulating four of the five Incremental values – ‘keep it simple’; ‘always a better way’; ‘open by nature’, ‘share by default’; ‘listen, understand, be understood’ – Lewis praised Philip Lockard, Matt Hurst, Mike Pacy and Jamie Lynch for, “delivering excellent customer value to the customer throughout the course of the project.”

“As a team, we worked well together e to guide the solution so that it best suited the customer’s needs.”

–Great chemistry, like the perfect cocktail you guys mix well together!


Who could you praise or thank today for demonstrating your organisation’s values? Take a minute out of your day and show some love for your colleagues! With love, from Incremental, happy Valentine’s Day! To read more success stories from our Incrementalists, discover our Incremental Life series.