According to Microsoft, 34% of organisations are prioritising sustainability goals in the next year. The IoT and AI are at the forefront of aiding organisations to meet these goals.

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The IoT

Internet of Things, or IoT, is the name given to the network of physical devices that are connected to the internet. This network of connected objects, or ‘things’, can include cloud-connected sensors, devices, and industrial equipment. These can utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse information collected by these devices, to process into actionable knowledge. In doing so, the insights collected by the ‘things’ can bring positive change to organisations, their systems and tools, and the environment around them. Microsoft Azure is a prime example of an IoT system that can benefit organisations spanning across industries.

Drive clean energy production with Microsoft Azure IoT

Looking first at the energy industry, electricity generation is a huge source of pollution. This is why energy production plants are seeking digital tools to assist them to produce and distribute energy as eco-friendly and efficiently as possible. By taking advantage of IoT capabilities, electricity transmission and distribution grids can be monitored to achieve maximum efficiency, detect any possibilities of outages, and re-route any additional power required as demand fluctuates. IoT can also be leveraged to remotely control renewable energy facilities like wind farms, improving operational efficiency.

Microsoft Azure uses out-of-the-box AI, machine learning and cognitive services to bring data science into business and applications, driving business improvements. Incremental has a wealth of experience in working with energy customers to manage complexity and scale through digital solutions like Azure and Dynamics 365 – click here to find out more.

The future of manufacturing

We are entering the era of Industry 4.0, and with that, comes the threat of increasing global competition. To remain competitive in today’s always-on, digital landscape, it is crucial that organisations in the manufacturing industry can apply the tools that the IoT and AI can offer to provide better customer service through faster delivery of assets.

For example, Azure Industrial IoT solutions and architectures can integrate disparate systems and build a digital core to create a seamless supply chain. Condition monitoring within Azure’s Industrial IoT solutions allows manufacturing organisations to detect significant changes in their equipment’s key parameters to prevent unexpected failures and disruption to production. Furthermore, the predictive maintenance tool uses IoT technology to predict equipment malfunctions and maintenance needs before they happen, utilising mixed reality and digital twins (a virtual model of a physical object) sensors to provide information on the functionality of the equipment. In employing IoT sensors and data analytics to better monitor resources, organisations can benefit from less wastage and a reduced carbon footprint. Microsoft reports that 50% of IoT adopters expect to reach carbon net zero by 2025 – why wait?

Find out more about Incremental’s in-depth knowledge and experience in providing innovative solutions for the manufacturing sector in the wave of Industry 4.0. by downloading our free guide, The Future of Manufacturing.

Accelerate not-for-profit activity

Digital technology is transforming the not-for-profit sector and how organisations are managing their relationships with volunteers, donors and members. Digital transformation is an opportunity for non-profits to reinvent how they can best deliver their vision and mission.

For example, Incremental aided Girlguiding using IoT and AI to relieve some of the administrative pressure on volunteers. By migrating the organisation’s disparate, legacy systems to the Microsoft cloud, Power BI was introduced to filter data intelligently, allowing volunteers to see relevant data statistics for their area of the organisation. This not only saves volunteers time but improves the experience for Girlguiding’s service users.

Merge IoT, AI and machine learning to improve productivity

This study found that IoT technology will save over eight times the energy it consumes by 2030, helping organisations look towards a sustainable future. Aside from clear environmental benefits in adopting Azure IoT solutions, connected devices that utilise AI and machine learning can cut costs and allow employees to focus their efforts on value-adding tasks rather than activities that can be automated. If you would like more information about how Incremental can improve business outcomes using Azure IoT, get in touch today.