6 months into their Incremental careers, we caught up with a few of our Incrementalists to learn about their experiences of working for the organisation so far.

Stewart McKinnon, Jaz Dail, Cara Burns, Zoran Vidakovic and Sam Pullen were the first Incrementalists of 2022 to join the business, hopping onboard to our sales and marketing teams on 4th January this year. As they rapidly approach the 6-month point, we caught up with them to find out how they’ve settled into the business and what they’ve enjoyed most about becoming Incrementalists.

Stewart, you joined Incremental remotely as a Senior Sales Manager back in January, can you tell us a bit about your onboarding experience?

From day one, I felt part of the team at Incremental. I was in a fortunate position, having worked with some members of the team at previous organisations, which definitely helped me to settle in quickly during the onboarding process. That aside, I joined Incremental with an already full diary, bursting with pre-arranged meetings with key members of the business, inside and outside of my immediate team. I was also assigned a buddy who helped me get up to speed quickly. A good culture goes a long way in helping individuals to settle into new organisations… I can’t speak highly enough of the friendly, inclusive culture here at Incremental.

Jaz, what tools and support have Incremental offered you to aid you in your day job as a Senior Sales Manager?

Being a digital technology business, at Incremental we practice what we preach – using Microsoft tools to conduct our day-to-day activities to manage and produce our work. My kit was ready and raring to go from day 1 on the job, with the IT and People teams readily available to ensure everything was set up properly and working correctly.

Since joining the business, I have met a range of colleagues based in our Manchester and Glasgow offices and have experienced regular face-to-face meet ups with my immediate teammates. Still being relatively new to Incremental, the support I have felt from across the business has been amazing with everyone supporting each other, from junior to senior management level.

Personal development is a big priority for Incremental and we are encouraged to dedicate time to our learning on a weekly basis. As part of my onboarding process, I have completed Microsoft Catalyst training and I am looking forward to achieving more accreditations the longer I am at Incremental.

Cara, you joined Incremental as a Marketing Manager, how has this role differed from your previous marketing roles?

The Incremental marketing team is the most organised, systemised and process-driven team I’ve ever worked in… which totally suits my preferred style of working! Luckily, we are all based in Glasgow, which makes us a pretty tight-knit bunch. We all come into the Glasgow office as a team, every Wednesday, and the face-to-face connection really helps in terms of relationship building and getting some tasks done more efficiently.

My role as Marketing Manager at Incremental differs from previous marketing roles I have held at other companies because of just how closely we connect with the Sales teams. As a function, we drive forward our marketing strategy by effectively managing inputs from the wider business to deliver the required outcomes.

Zoran, tell us a bit about why you chose to join Incremental and what the best thing is about working here?

Having had a pretty varied career, I stepped into the world of digital and software solutions relatively late. I’d become increasingly eager to move into larger digital solutions, so when an opportunity arose to discuss a role with Incremental Group… I jumped at the chance. 

Incremental being a Microsoft partner was a real draw. The chance to work with such a global brand that’s consistently viewed as one of the top ERP solutions with Dynamics 365 was super exciting. Then add the fact that Incremental Group are an Inner Circle partner, putting them in the top 1% of Microsoft partners globally – well that really had my juices flowing!

Since then, it’s been a fantastical whirlwind. Every day really is a learning day, so having the support of experienced colleagues in the business has been vital. The regular trips to our Glasgow Head Office to meet the wider Incremental team has been great too, you’re definitely not a stranger for long!

Sam, over the past 6 months, what would you say your biggest highlights have been as an FSI Marketing Associate?

The FY23 Sales Kick off day in April was certainly one! Incremental is a hybrid working organisation, so there’s many colleagues who I speak to on a daily basis but hadn’t yet met. Having the whole Sales and Marketing functions together in the one room for a day and getting to meet everyone was brilliant!

Another highlight has been the close knit relationship we have as a Marketing team. In previous marketing roles, I was often the sole marketer in the organization. When accepting the role at Incremental, I was looking forward to working with other marketers and submersing myself in a team. The close relationship I am building with my team hasn’t only made me settle in easier but has enhanced my knowledge and set me up for a great career at Incremental!

Finally guys… if you could sum up your Incremental journey so far in one word, what would it be?

Stewart – Enjoyable

Jaz – Awesome

Cara – Fast-paced

Zoran –  Prodigious

Sam – Whirlwind

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