Working as a Pre-Sales consultant for the past 4 years, I more often than not, get asked the question ‘so what is it you actually do?’

The premise of Pre-Sales

So first of all, let me explain a little bit about what Pre-Sales is. We perform a very important role that acts as a conduit between our Sales team, our customers, and our delivery function.

We work with our sellers to understand our client’s business challenges, current technical state, map these to solutions and build out estimates for delivery.  This means we have a broad range of accountability as a team and individuals. We need to lead discovery workshops, remain up to speed with the latest developments within Dynamics 365 & Power Platform, deliver demonstrations, create proposals as well as support the marketing team to create content that boosts our recognition in the market.  I have heard it said that Pre-Sales are the rockstars and it is hard to disagree with that.

A typical day in the life of a Pre-Sales Consultant

All of the above means I’m lucky in the sense that a typical day doesn’t exist. Every client we speak to has their own unique set of challenges, and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and Power Platform capabilities are so broad and constantly evolving… that my role constantly has to evolve too, in order to keep up.

At Incremental, we have a great Pre-Sales team with varying levels of experience and capabilities, and even within the new hybrid working environment, we maintain a strong collective team spirit.

Every day kicks off with a short team meeting, to synchronise on the working day/week ahead and see where we can support each other. From there, we tackle the activities we have in our workload, whether that be internal collaboration to prepare for a customer meeting or the meeting itself,  developing a demonstration, creating proposals, or supporting marketing by writing about your typical day as I am now.

It really is the perfect role for people who like business, technology and people.

Career highlights

I joined Incremental via acquisition, after which we were seamlessly integrated into the Incremental Group as such I consider myself to have been here for 5 years. During which I’ve worked in various roles, starting as a Junior Consultant In the delivery team before moving through to Pre-Sales team as a consultant. Through that journey there have been many highlights, my top 3 being:

  1. The opportunity to self-direct my training and become certified in Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. These are best-in-class platforms within the business application space, which enable us to deliver transformative solutions for our customers.
  2. Exposure to critical meetings with business decision-makers, At the various stages of the customer lifecycle as discussed in the previous answer. This exposure has enabled me to develop into someone who is comfortable in these situations.
  3. I’ve been fortunate in that I have seen the growth and development of one company to the point of acquisition and then for that to happen again in such quick succession. This can of course be measured in financial terms, but the most noticeable developments are the strength of the relationship we have with Microsoft and the calibre of the clients we are working with, many of which are the coolest organisations within their industries.

Viva Las Vegas

From a personal point of view, as the technical part of the commercial team I was selected to go to Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas for a week in 2019, which was amazing. It was a great experience, and I was able to see all the people who work within the Microsoft ecosystem descend into one location, where I attended roadmap sessions on the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. I was surrounded by people who have that shared experience and interest in the Microsoft world in which we all spend our working lives. We also took some time to enjoy some of the other things that Las Vegas offers; Casino’s, Clubs, Top Golf and my favourite Fremont Street.


Above: Microsoft keynote speech delivered by Satya Nadella at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

Outside of Pre-Sales

Outside of my role as a Pre-Sales consultant, I am a big sports fan. I have always loved football and in the last couple of years, I have also become obsessed with golf. I have also recently started going for a run on my work lunch break. I love it because it sets me up and energises me for the afternoon’s work, plus we have great facilities in the office so it is followed up with a very luxurious shower.

In my spare time, I enjoy socialising and going out with my family, friends and colleagues… be that to the pub, a café or by going on holiday. See the picture below of me in Brazil about to enjoy a caipirinha!!!



To find out more about Pre-Sales, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. If you enjoyed my blog, why not check out ‘A day in the Life of Incremental’s Head of Marketing’ by Rebecca Court.