From content creation to brand strategy and digital marketing, a marketing function’s remit is broad.

To find out a little more, we caught up with Rebecca Court, Incremental’s Head of Marketing, to learn more about Incremental’s marketing team, her role, her career and her herself.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It really varies, especially with hybrid working. If I am working from home, I try to get up early enough to do a home workout. Being able to fit exercise easily around my work schedule has been one of my biggest personal benefits of the last two years.

I’ll then start my working day at 8.30 from the home office and a typical morning would consist of meetings with my team and emails. Speaking to my team regularly is key to how we work – I have weekly one to ones with each of our managers to discuss their remits and how I can support them in their roles. Come lunchtime, I try to get a walk in around the local park. I’ve found this key for lifting my mood and making my afternoons more productive.

If I am in the office, my day typically consists of more face to face meetings. The marketing function have started a nice rhythm of all trying to be in the office on a Wednesday. This allows many of our more interactive meetings, which require whiteboards to take place on these days. It also has the added benefit of the occasional after work drink in our office bar, or my current drink of choice, Aperol Spritz, in one of the many great places in and around our Glasgow office.

Tell us more about your career with Incremental.

I’ve had an incredible career with Incremental. Rewinding four years, I joined the organisation’s small marketing team at manager level. I loved the fast-paced and entrepreneurial nature of Incremental immediately and was empowered to add value. After 18 months I stepped up to lead the team and was subsequently promoted to Head of Marketing.

What inspires you?

As well as the amazing people I work with every day, I get a lot of inspiration from reading (cheesy I know!), as well as listening to podcasts (usually on those lunchtime stomps around the park). I believe staying in the loop with the news, society and consuming different perspectives helps me to be more effective in my role. Understanding what the world looks like today, and being able to articulate this is essential for being a good marketer.

What do you enjoy most about working for Incremental?

For me it is the opportunities that its growth creates. When I joined the organisation, the marketing team consistent of myself and two colleagues. I now head up a large marketing function that services and supports multiple business units and business areas, and has been rated by Microsoft UK as its top partner marketing team in terms of lead-generation. None of this would have been possible without the growth journey Incremental has been on.

And finally, given you are a podcast fan, do you have any recommendations for our readers?

The toughest question of them all! My go to podcast tends to be The Daily from the New York Times, however if you want a little bit of country music history mixed with political commentary, check out Dolly Parton’s America!


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