Working at Incremental offers more than just a day job. Learn about some of the egg-stra curricular activities and achievements gained by some of our Incrementalists.

As the clocks spring forward and we hop into spring, there’s been plenty to get egg-cited about across Incremental Group! To celebrate Easter, we caught up with a couple of good eggs from around the business to find out what egg-cellent work they have been up to, outside of their day jobs.

Egg-celling with the Institute of Leadership Development

Sheena McHardy bounced at the opportunity to become certified with the Institute of Leadership Development and hopped onboard their Level 3 training course to develop her leadership skills.

Being quite new to line management, Sheena said, “it was important for me to make sure I had the skills and tools to work with people in an open, fair and supportive way. I feel better placed to get the most out of the people and teams that I work with now and make sure the teamworking environment is positive and engaging.”

Shelling out improvements with the Technical Community

Incremental’s Technical Community focus on improving the quality of internal processes and empowering Incrementalists to work towards continual improvement. The recently released Project Assurance initiative aims to improve the quality of solutions Incremental provide and deliver to customers.

Ray Little – member and coordinator – said the community is, “A cracking chance to work with others across the business and to deliver more for our customers.”

Hopping ahead with Microsoft Catalyst training

Having recently joined Incremental, Emma Kippax believed the Microsoft Catalyst training would be an egg-cellent opportunity to familiarise herself with Microsoft best practices. The training consisted of uncovering the meaning behind the IDEA framework – INSPIRE, DESIGN, EMPOWER and ACHIEVE – through the use of case studies and guides. The course also entailed practical exercises, including how to uncover problem statements.

Emma said, “Microsoft Catalyst is a refreshing and innovative approach in partner/customer collaboration and creating strong relationships. Solid preparation, listening skills and the appropriate audience are key!”

Unscrambling internal systems

Kevin Taylor has been a driving force behind recent improvements to Incremental’s internal encyclopedia, Increpedia, a system which explains why and how our business operates. Kevin said, “Our Increpedia knowledge sharing concept is fantastic, and already had some really great content, but the user interface was clucky, sorry clunky, and cumbersome  for new frequent users.”

Following a review eggs-ercise of the technology capabilities, and some relatively simple changes, Kevin has transformed Increpedia to now be more visually pleasing and intuitive for users to navigate.

Eggs-ponential career growth

As a Marketing Manager focusing on the PPA business unit, Faye Girvan gained eggs-posure to Cloud solutions, allowing her to develop a deep understanding of Data Analytics and AI. This prepared Faye for career progression, making her the egg-cellent candidate for the role of Senior Marketing Manager at Adatis, Incremental’s partner company.

Faye said, “Incremental has fully supported my personal growth by giving me the opportunity to take on new challenges, share learning and develop new skills, all within an open and supportive environment. Having exposure to senior management in my role and through mentorship has been integral to my growth at Incremental. I am egg-cited to bring my experience to the Adatis team.”

Mental Health First Aid training for every-bunny

When Mark Riley first joined Incremental, he was eager to ensure we all stay on the sunny side up through learning about mental health in the workplace. He therefore coordinated and facilitated a 2-day face-to-face Mental Health First Aid training workshop in the Glasgow office, with plans to roll these workshops out in other offices around the country later this year.

The course covers how to spot mental health crisis’ in the workplace and is a valuable opportunity to gain skills, not only beneficial for everyone at Incremental, but also in the personal life of individuals. Mark commented, “The course is incredibly eye-opening and one I strongly encourage all Incrementalists to get involved in.”

A hoppy, innovative workspace

Office Manager, Kevin Watson, has been going the eggs-tra mile to make Incremental offices a great place to work. After the success of the Glasgow HQ re-fit, the Manchester office was next to receive an egg-citing new makeover. Kevin got cracking by adding in plants and diffusers to make the office feel homey, room dividers to break up the floor space and games for employees to bond and relax with.

Kevin said, “I am delighted with the positive feedback received from the Manchester office makeover and looking forward to getting started on the Inverurie office next… watch this space!”  

An eggs-pert in the Microsoft Community

At the turn of the year, Damien Bird became a Microsoft MVP. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognises egg-ceptional technology community leaders worldwide, who actively share eggs-pertise and contribute to the flock of Microsoft users and consultants.

“Helping out on the Microsoft forum is really where it all began for me. I quickly realised that I could solve business problems using the Power Platform technology and that by doing so, I worked on my own skills, experiences and understanding” said Damien.


From everyone at Incremental Group, we hope you have a hoppin’ good Easter… that’s all for now, yolks!