Whilst Covid-19 restrictions are being further lifted throughout the UK, Incremental will retain some safety measures to try and limit the spread of infection. This is to keep our employees and their families safe, and also to ensure business continuity.


Safety measures still in place

The key measures we are keeping in place for now are:

  • Enhanced cleaning and hygiene supplies
  • Wearing of face masks in offices
  • Maintaining social distancing where possible
  • Ensuring ventilation where possible
  • Conducting regular testing
  • Use of an office booking system
  • Incremental’s notification process for testing positive.


Lifted measures

We are however making some changes, with immediate effect, as follows:

  • No longer having alternative desks in offices out of action
  • No longer limiting gatherings to 16 people   
  • Not closing offices if there are 3 or more cases.


In Bulgaria, we will resume hybrid working from March, to align with the UK. In India, our guidance is to continue to work from home for now. Incremental is planning to make further changes in April, with more information to follow in due course.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the measures mentioned, please get in touch.