How can Microsoft Power Platform – Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI, – automate car insurance claims? 

There are endless opportunities to automate processes within your own insurance business, in particular due to the 400 capabilities available across Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. This short use case will provide some context for the Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI tools in action, showcasing incredible customer and partner engagement and highlighting rich data insights. 

A summary of the Power Platform

The Power Platform’s capabilities can be summed up in four key words: analyse, act, automate and engage.

  • Microsoft Power BI – this analytical platform allows organisations to build and lead a data-driven culture. It gives all users the power to turn data into insightful visualisations, driving quick and informed decision-making. 
  • Microsoft Power Apps (including Power Apps Portals) – these tools allow users to rapidly build custom apps instead of undertaking a long development builds. They connect to existing data and systems and solve specific process and business needs. 
  • Microsoft Power Automate – with low-code / no-code functionality, Power Automate allows users to self-build automated workflows in minutes, and across hundreds of popular apps and services. 
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents – empowers you to create chatbots to conversationally engage with customers and employees.  

With Microsoft’s proprietary technology, users of all skill-levels, from pro-developers to authorised administrators can analyse, act upon, automate and engage data in ways that have never been possible before at business user level. 

Automating car insurance claims using the Power Platform

Incremental has deployed the Power Platform to solve business pain for our Financial Services clients (including Banking and Insurance), automating processes throughout all levels of their businesses. 

To give you an example of the business transformation the Power Platform can drive, lets dive into a real-life example from one of our clients who automated its car insurance claims process.  

Utilising Power Apps, Office 365, Power Automate and Power BI, the process was updated to the following: 

  1. A customer has an accident and needs to report the incident to start the claims process. Historically, policyholders would call the claims line to begin the claims process, however, user are now increasingly looking for mobile or desktop first reporting methods. The customer is now provided the option of using a fully online process.
  2. Whether the policyholder has called the claims line and been directed to the online functionality or logged into their online account to begin their claim, a secure Power Apps Portal is created to begin the claims process. The customer is asked to login. Secure personal data will be pre-populated, and the policyholder can submit the details of their incident, with the capability to upload images of the damage.
  3. Using postcode data held against the policyholder, Power Automate pulls through a choice of local car garages and automates the process of sending the claims data, alongside photos of the vehicle damage and a request for quote (RFQ) to the selection of garages.
  4. Once received, the garages who received the RFQ are able to submit a quote for repair work via a bespoke Canvas App, supported by pre-determined Power Automate functionality.
  5. Once three quotes have been returned, Power Automate sends an automated Office 365 email to a claim’s processor. The claim’s processor logs into a Model Driven App to review the quotes.
  6. Once reviewed and authorised for the next stage by an assessor, the quotes for repair work are sent along the next stage of the automated process. Once agreed, confirmation of an accepted quote is sent to the garage and the customer to arrange for drop off and completion of work.
  7. After the selected garage carries out the repair work, they are prompted to provide a ‘completed status’ on the Canvas App. The automated process then, notifies both the customer and the insurer of the status of the work.
  8. Payment for repair work is automated via Power Automate and third-party payment solutions.
  9. Power Automate sends out a Forms Pro survey to capture customer feedback on both the garage and claim experience, enriching customer service data and informing satisfaction scores.
  10. Layering even further, Power BI then provides granular reports on customer satisfaction and wider data insight into the volume of claims, costs, types of damage, car models, garage satisfaction rating and more. 

Incremental and the Insurance sector

This above process is just one of endless examples of the capabilities of the Power Platform for the Insurance sector. At Incremental, our delivery team cannot recommend the tools highly enough. We are proud to be leading radical digital transformation in the Insurance sector via new and constantly emerging world-class Microsoft technologies. Together with Microsoft, we are helping insurers understand and engage customer needs and deliver seamless, proactive and personalised experiences.  

To find out more about how the Power Platform can support your Insurance firm with its next phase of digital transformation, get in touch to speak with our team of specialists today.