Microsoft encourages Dynamics AX migration to the cloud with Migration Program

Mid-pandemic Microsoft commissioned the Forrester report, ‘The Total Economic ImpactTM of Migrating Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud’. The report provides a framework for Dynamics AX customers to evaluate the potential financial impact of migrating to the cloud.

To better understand the benefits, costs and risks associated with investing in a Dynamics 365 migration, Forrester interviewed four Microsoft customers who had recently migrated from their legacy, on-premises Dynamics AX solution to Dynamics 365 in the cloud. Migration to a cloud ERP solution was a priority for those customers interviewed due to increasing costs to maintain and upgrade on-premises deployments. The interviewed companies looked to the cloud to reduce infrastructure and personnel costs associated with their Dynamics AX deployments while delivering the scalability and real-time data collection required to improve operations and power new opportunities.

Moving on-premises business solutions to the cloud leads to cost savings and efficiency gains

Forrester’s study revealed that by migrating from Dynamics AX 2009 and/or AX 2012 to Dynamics in the cloud the typical reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) for ERPs was 3.4%. This was achieved by:

  • Consolidating on-premises licensing and support costs
  • Avoiding on-premises infrastructure costs
  • Reducing the burden on IT systems administrators

In addition to a reduction in TCO, other benefits identified by migrating to the cloud included:

  • An increase in productivity for finance and other back-office personnel
  • Operational efficiency gains (or improvements) throughout the supply chain
  • Flexibility to scale for business demands or unforeseen events.

Accelerating the journey to the cloud

Dynamics AX2012 R3 is now the only AX version that remains under mainstream support and therefore it is no surprise that Microsoft is actively encouraging its Dynamics AX customers to migrate to the cloud. By inviting qualified on-premises AX customers to join its Dynamics 365 migration program Microsoft is confident many of its on-premises customers will achieve the many benefits of migrating to the cloud.

Dynamics 365 Migration Program for Dynamics AX

The Dynamics 365 migration program enables qualified on-premises AX customers to simplify and accelerate their move to the cloud. It offers end-to-end migration support working directly with Incremental and Microsoft advisors.

With access to a dedicated team of migration advisors, migration assessments, funding and pricing offers, tools and migration support, there has never been a better time to begin your journey to the cloud.

Migration Assessment

A migration assessment is the first step to help you understand the benefits of moving to the cloud and optimise the migration process by reducing effort and costs. The assessment will help you to:

  • Understand the benefits of moving from on-premises to the cloud
  • Identify business objectives and tie these into the functionality of Dynamics 365
  • Optimise the migration process by reducing effort and costs
  • Determine your next steps toward cloud transformation.

Contact us today to find out if your organisation is eligible to join the program and begin your journey to the cloud today.