Several new features are coming to Dynamics 365 Sales adding new functionality to the platform. 

Microsoft has announced new functionality for Dynamics 365 Sales as part of release wave 2. In this article we will provide an overview of the features you should expect to see over the coming months and how you can make the most of them. 

The new features focus on the delivery of an integrated sales experience by including new integrations with Microsoft Teams, the accelerator workspace, an improved mobile experience and more. 

Microsoft Teams Integrations 

These new features will provide sellers with the ability to stay within Dynamics 365 while collaborating with customers and other stakeholders both using chat features and teams calls. 

  • Sellers will be able to create and join Microsoft Teams meetings from within Dynamics 365 
  • During these calls, sellers will be able to edit Dynamics 365 records within a Microsoft Teams conversation, allowing conversation participants the ability to edit records during calls 
  • Further integrations with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics will allow for Notes and Tasks to be added to a record’s timeline from a Microsoft Teams message, as well as sharing records through messages to allow for quick record summaries to be shared through chats or channels 
  • Chat notifications can be sent to users by using the @user mentions in a record timeline which will be sent automatically using the Dynamics 365 Sales Bot, as well as automatic chat notifications for records the user is following. 

Mobile Updates 

The mobile platform updates seek to improve the experience for sellers on the go, providing additional functionality that allows the logging and sharing of information from anywhere. 

  • A new smart lookup experience will allow users to quickly connect activities to records within Dynamics and new meeting cards that surface appointments and information from Microsoft Exchange, to allow more functionality from within the mobile application 
  • Notification centre support for in-app actionable notifications 
  • New access to sharing information from the Dynamics mobile application, users will be able to generate share links from within the app, create and assign activities and a new speech-to-text experience for creating Notes on records 
  • The mobile application will support outgoing Microsoft Teams calls, automatically transcribe these calls, and create activity records from recent calls. 

Accelerator Workspace 

The accelerator workspace aims to provide a guided selling experience, allowing for sellers to close more deals. The enhancements coming in Wave 2 provide an enhanced UI to make this easier for managers. 

  • Manager dashboards will provide an overall view of team performance and real-time KPI’s such as the number of qualified leads, calls etc. This allows for a holistic view of sellers and opportunities to identify the need for further coaching and training 
  • The worklist will see enhancements that change the way sellers interact with opportunities, improving filtering by allowing filtering on custom fields as well as the standard out of the box fields and sorting to allow sellers to focus on the right deals 
  • Sequence management will allow sales managers to define the best practices and strategies to optimise teams. It provides an enhanced UI to filter, create views and manage sequences, an advanced grid to allow for mass editing and tagging of sequences and the addition of preconfigured sequence templates based on industry best practices that can be easily copied and customised 
  • Define rules for automatic lead routing to ensure leads are assigned to the best seller, ensuring leads don’t go without contact for too long. 

These new features and more for Dynamics 365 Sales will be released between October 2021 and March 2022. 

If you would like to learn more about these upcoming features, get in touch and our team will be happy to help your organisation transition through and harness the power of these planned changes.