Incremental eases Covid restrictions and moves to a hybrid working model.

Since 30th August, Incremental has implemented a cautious, phased return to offices, designed to support the safety and wellbeing of Incrementalists and clients. Now Incremental is easing some Covid restrictions in office spaces and facilitating a hybrid working model across the organisation.  

What is hybrid working?

While remote working over the past 20 months has made it clear that most tasks and meetings can be done effectively without being in the office, we strongly believe there is still an important place for office-based collaboration and socialising. Hybrid working means people split their time between a home working space and an office building, providing a flexible model of working. The office becomes a place for socialising, to facilitate connections, enable learning, collaboration, innovation and of course quiet work. Like many leading professional services and technology organisations, our return to the office will not be full-time, but to a hybrid way of working.   

Investment in office spaces

The purpose of office working has changed to be focused on socialising, collaborating and learning, so the physical office is changing to align with this. This means creating more spaces for the types of activities and interactions that people require.  

All office spaces are open to Incrementalists and clients and we encourage you to make the most of the collaborative environment. Offices are equipped with the latest technology to enable seamless working between home and office spaces.  

Easing of Covid restrictions in office spaces

To support the move to a hybrid working model, Incremental has eased the following restrictions when using its office spaces: 

  • If you are double vaccinated, you no longer need to have a negative test in the last 48 hours to come into the office. If you are not double vaccinated, the requirement of a negative test within 48 hours remains the same. 
  • The maximum number of people in a meeting room has been increased from 10 to 16. 

Safety measures still in place

To ensure a safe working environment for all, Incremental still has safety measures in place: 

  • Reduced capacity of the offices, blocked off desks and have one-way systems where possible  
  • A limit on the capacity of in-person meetings (16 people)   
  • Increased cleaning services  
  • Provided supplies of hand gel, anti-bacterial wipes and face masks  
  • Installed signage to advise people of the guidance  
  • Appointed and trained Covid Marshals operating in each office.   

When using office spaces, we ask that Incrementalists, clients and visitors:  

  • Reserve your space before visiting the office  
  • Check-in and out at reception on the visitor app 
  • Book Incremental meeting rooms and spaces if required. Only meeting rooms with windows for ventilation can be used for face to face meetings. 
  • Adhere to the standard hygiene guidance (hand washing and wiping down of surfaces)   
  • Adhere to social distancing practices   
  • Must have had a negative test in the last 48 hours if not double vaccinated. 
  • Wear a mask when not seated  
  • Immediately contact a Covid Marshal if you feel unwell while in the office.   

We look forward to welcoming our people, network and clients back to our office spaces. If you have any questions about hybrid working or our spaces, please get in touch