We are delighted to announce that this month Incrementalist Paddy Byrne was awarded Microsoft MVP for Business Applications. 

What is a Microsoft MVP?

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognises exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share expertise and contribute to the community of Microsoft users and consultants. They have deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems. The drive to help others, is what sets MVPs apart.  

We spoke to Paddy to learn more about his experience of achieving this prestigious award from Microsoft.  

Introduction to Paddy

Paddy’s love of Microsoft technology began while working inhouse with Dynamics CRM 4.0 in 2009. Before long, Paddy had moved on to Microsoft Gold Partner and began to truly “learn his craft”. Paddy is a Senior Dynamics Consultant at Incremental Group, specialising in Dynamics 365 Customer Service , Sales , Marketing and Power Platform solutions. Every day Paddy brings his range of expertise, creative thinking and passion for technology to deliver projects for Incremental customers.  

Why were you chosen to be a MVP?

Paddy started sharing his knowledge with the community through YouTube. Paddy explains: “I wanted to be involved in the community and get better at presenting and public speaking, so I started a YouTube channel as a steppingstone, to help me on that journey.” Paddy then shared his idea of starting Power Platform night-classes to help people who can’t get to physical events easily. He believed there should be a place for people to come and learn, who don’t have time to attend events or classes during the day due to work or family commitments.   

Paddy then joined forces with a group of Scottish Biz App professionals to launch Virtual Power Group. 

Virtual Power Group

Virtual Power Group is a casual but informative space for people to come and learn about Power Platform virtually. The group’s flexible night-time events and recordings mean community learning is opened-up to people from all backgrounds regardless of geographic location and personal circumstances. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the demand for virtual events and learning sky-rocketed. What began as a group for Scottish industry professionals, grew to a 400-member strong, global community with regular events running each week. The events ran by the team are a mixture of guest-speakers, night-classes and collaborative workshops, with time for relaxed discussion to allow people to learn from each other’s experiences.  

The ethos of Virtual Power Group is that it is an ego-free, safe space for people to learn and connect with others, as Paddy explains, “we wanted to create a space where people feel comfortable to ask any question. At the end of the day, technology is always evolving, and we are all learning.” All levels of experience are welcome to join Virtual Power Group, as in the true spirit of MVP, the community is there to help others. Paddy said, “It has been amazing to see Virtual Power Group grow. Getting involved has made as much of an impact to my personal growth as we have had on the business applications community.” 

What are the benefits of being a MVP?

As a Microsoft MVP, Paddy gets early access to exciting new Microsoft solutions and is able to provide feedback directly to Microsoft. This visibility of Microsoft’s pipeline enables Paddy to provide better solutions to customers and enhance his technical expertise across Biz Apps. However, for Paddy, the key benefit is extending his reach in the community, “The reason I wanted to become MVP, is because it meant I could reach more people. With the credibility of MVP, I’ll be able to broaden my reach to those who need assistance and may not even be part of the community yet.”  

What’s next for Paddy?

Paddy will continue with Virtual Power Group, adapting events to suit the community as we move out of lockdown restrictions. Paddy will also be heading up a new speakers initiative for Scottish Summit 2022. Through this programme, Paddy will be mentoring new speakers, providing guidance on public speaking and presenting in the run-up to the Microsoft event in February.   

To hear from Paddy and learn more about Power Platform, listen to the recording of our online event: Taming the wild west with effective Power Platform governance.