Support employee wellbeing with Headspace powered mindfulness exercises on Microsoft Teams

If you are not already using the Insights app in Microsoft Teams, now is a great time to start as new tools have just been released to help you manage your wellbeing more effectively.

In the new world of work, where everyone is balancing work and home life more intricately, Insights for Microsoft Teams helps you to schedule focus time, plan a virtual commute to kick-start and close down your working day and take regular breaks for mindful meditation. It is a great tool to help you understand your working patterns and habits and check in with yourself regularly to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

With the recent addition of Headspace, you can now access six curated meditations designed to support you through your busy working day. You can access these whenever you need to relax, reset and refocus. Research has shown that mindfulness meditation can increase concentration and therefore help with productivity, as well as giving you the chance to disconnect for short periods.

Getting started with Viva Insights on Teams

Viva Insights is part of Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform that brings together technologies for communication, learning, resources and insights. Viva Insights sits within Microsoft Teams, so it can be accessed easily during the flow of working day. You can find the Insights app by clicking on the ‘find an app’ […] icon on the left-hand taskbar on Teams, as shown.

By clicking on the Insights app, you will be taken to your own, personalised Viva Insights page. Viva Insights acts as a wellness hub, providing you with an overview of helpful tools that support your wellbeing and manage productivity during the working day.

Key features of Viva Insights

There are many useful features within Viva Insights that can support productivity, collaboration and wellbeing.

  • Stay connected with colleagues with AI-driven task suggestions and meeting assistance
  • Protect your time by finding and scheduling focus time into your diary to reduce distractions
  • Send praise to your colleagues to show gratitude for when they have gone above and beyond, fostering a positive working environment
  • Take time to reflect on how you are feeling and track this privately within Teams
  • Keep on top of your actions with Microsoft’s automatically generated To Do list
  • Mindfully disconnect from your working day by scheduling a virtual commute.

Access mindfulness exercises on Teams

A new addition to Viva Insights is access to free mindfulness exercises, powered by Headspace. Headspace offer six guided meditations and two choices of focus music to help you practice mindfulness. Research has found that mindfulness exercises can help to elevate stress and support a positive working environment.

Meditation research from Headspace.

Mindfulness exercises can be accessed within Insights on Teams, enabling you to recharge at any point during your working day or virtual commute.

Every organisation with Microsoft Teams has access to these new features and mindful meditations through Headspace. Leaders and admins can encourage end-users of Teams to harness the tools available in Viva Insights to nurture a well-balanced, collaborative working environment.

The aim of Viva Insights is to foster a healthy corporate culture that supports employee wellbeing and enables everyone to thrive at work. At Incremental, our knowledgeable Microsoft 365 experts can help you to fully optimise your use of Microsoft Teams and Insights to build a productive and positive working environment. We offer a Microsoft 365 Maturity Assessment, that helps organisations understand their current working patterns and identifies areas where Microsoft 365 services can be better utilised. Please get in touch to speak with a consultant and find out more.