Unify your data streams to derive meaningful insights, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.  

Customer data is at the core of an organisation. However, achieving meaningful insights and unified data can be challenging. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can transform disparate information into a single view of customer data. 

The challenge of managing customer data

A pain point for many organisations is having under-utilised customer data. Most organisations have a variety of data sources and data requirements. When information comes from a multitude of channels – across sales, marketing and customer service – it is often siloed and challenging to unify. This means that the right data might be present within the organisation, but it is not being shared effectively. 

Additionally, even collective data can present challenges. If unorganised, large amounts of data can be unwieldy and unmanageable. Vast amounts of data can be difficult to derive meaningful insights from and time consuming to process. If data is not presented in a usable format, it can mean important trends and performance metrics are lost. 

Finally, when processing data, organisations must also consider security and compliance. When using customer data to build insights, organisations should consider GDPR and have the right safeguards in place to ensure movement and storage of data is compliant and secure.  

Crucially, data needs to be accurate, organised, useful and secure. To overcome the challenges of managing data, organisations need a secure, centralised solution that can unify its data streams to build intelligent reporting. 

Unify your customer data

Organisations can unify their customer data with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Microsoft Customer Insights is a leading enterprise customer data platform which can turn your data into intelligence. 

The solution will: 

» Unite transactional, behavioural and demographic data in real-time 

» Enable 360-degree customer profiles with in-depth insights 

» Predict customer needs with AI or custom build models. 

Microsoft Customer Insights harnesses AI and machine-learning to pull data from multiple sources and transforms it into meaningful and concise reports which can be used by your organisation every day.  

Microsoft Customer Insights is also supplier neutral, meaning it can connect with many data sources outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. 


By centralising data from all sources, including those outside of a Microsoft solution, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can help you to build a holistic picture of customer interactions. 

Gain a 360-degree customer view

With the audience insights tool within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can build a rich, single view of each customer. This can include key indicators such as propensity to churn and average spend. By combining a variety of data sources, the solution allows you to identify and segment high value customers, information which can be shared with marketing or sales teams. Additionally, you can also augment customer sentiment and survey responses from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice into customer profiles, enriching your understanding of each customer even further. 

With in-depth customer profiles, your organisation is able to focus customer service resource where it is needed most and elevate marketing and sales strategies with meaningful learnings. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can support departments across an organisation, acting as the go-to source for customer information.   

The value of data and insights

The value of utilising customer data should not be underestimated. Organisations that leverage their customer behaviour data to generate insights can outperform peers by 85% in sales growth. Meaningful insights can help you to build a better picture of your customers and ultimately deliver more personalised and initiative experiences. 

Good customer experiences (CX) have become increasingly important for consumers when purchasing and building loyalty with an organisation. A study by PWC concluded that 65% of people in the UK rate customer experience as an important factor when purchasing, whilst 43% of buyers will pay more for greater service and convenience. These figures show the real, monetary value of investing in developing and providing a good customer experience. Delivering positive, personalised customer experiences has the potential to dramatically enhance the profitability of an organisation and maximise customer lifetime value. 

Start turning your customer data into intelligence

Organisations, and more specifically CX decision makers, are realising the positive financial return good customer service can bring and are prioritising investment in customer experiences. Organisations that are not, will find themselves quickly falling behind. If you want to learn more about Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and how digital solutions can elevate your customer engagement strategy, read our guide: Understanding your customers in a digital world.