People are the heart of your organisation. To truly build resilience in the new normalorganisations need to do more than just invest in remote-working and safety measures, they need to invest in the skills of their employees 

Organisational resilience is built by reskilling and upskilling people. As technology moves forward at lightning speed, skill gaps amongst employees can begin to growInvesting in knowledge-sharing and nurturing internal talent, ensures your organisation can meet the future demands of the market.  

The most successful organisations will be the ones that transform both technically and culturally, equipping their people with the skills and knowledge to become the best competitive asset they have. 

Simon Lambert, Chief Learning OfficerMicrosoft UK 

Resilience through technology

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an upward trajectory of digital transformation. This in turn creates skill requirements and a significant gap in the people able to fulfil these roles. The statistics speak for themselves: 

Organisations need to embrace new technology throughout departments. This requires a level of digital enablement some people may lackImplementing an adoption and change management (ACM) strategy which focuses on supporting and training employees, fosters a culture of continuous learning  future-proofing your workforce.  

Organisations need to start thinking today about the skills they may need for tomorrow.   

Harness the power of work behaviour insights

When it comes to building team resilience, it can be hard to know where to begin. Microsoft 365 customers have a competitive advantage – Workspace Analytics and Viva Insights are fully integrated and AI-powered analytic features of Microsoft 365 that provide dynamic insights into the way people work. 

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