People are the heart of your organisation. To truly build resilience in the new normalorganisations need to do more than just invest in remote-working and safety measures, they need to invest in the skills of their employees 

Organisational resilience is built by reskilling and upskilling people. As technology moves forward at lightning speed, skill gaps amongst employees can begin to growInvesting in knowledge-sharing and nurturing internal talent, ensures your organisation can meet the future demands of the market.  

The most successful organisations will be the ones that transform both technically and culturally, equipping their people with the skills and knowledge to become the best competitive asset they have. 

Simon Lambert, Chief Learning OfficerMicrosoft UK 

Resilience through technology

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an upward trajectory of digital transformation. This in turn creates skill requirements and a significant gap in the people able to fulfil these roles. The statistics speak for themselves: 

Organisations need to embrace new technology throughout departments. This requires a level of digital enablement some people may lackImplementing an adoption and change management (ACM) strategy which focuses on supporting and training employees, fosters a culture of continuous learning  future-proofing your workforce.  

Organisations need to start thinking today about the skills they may need for tomorrow.   

Harness the power of work behaviour insights

When it comes to building team resilience, it can be hard to know where to begin. Microsoft 365 customers have a competitive advantage – Workspace Analytics and Viva Insights are fully integrated and AI-powered analytic features of Microsoft 365 that provide dynamic insights into the way people work. 

Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics provides business leaders and managers with data-driven, privacy protected recommendations to enhance productivityThrough Power BI, Workplace Analytics provides easily digestible, ‘at a glance’ dashboards which can inform strategic decision-making. For example, the dashboard shows which departments could benefit from more collaboration, or which groups are driving positive initiatives. By highlighting the most impactful skills and behaviours for your organisation, Workplace Analytics promotes efficiency and allows leaders to replicate successful employee patterns across their organisation 

Workplace analytics-biz leaders

Viva Insights

Viva Insights is the latest release of Microsoft insight solutionsbringing Microsoft Workspace Analytics and Microsoft MyAnalytics together under the Viva brand. Conveniently sitting within the Microsoft Teams environment, Viva Insights provides managers with data-protected visibility of team member work patterns and recommendations on how to best nurture wellbeing and productivity. The insights show when there are gaps in cross-team collaboration, minimal focus time due to meeting overload or when employees may be feeling disengaged.  

Through these insights, leaders can be proactive rather than reactive in addressing and resolving employees needs. Viva Insights encourages leaders to take action, by offering best practice advice such as how to improve the efficiency of meetings or notice when team members do not have time for coaching and development.  

Through real-time insights, organisations can access the working patterns and behaviour of its employees. This enables organisations to identify the skills it needs to promote and the future leaders it needs to nurture.  

Build a roadmap to resilience

Once an organisation defines its talent gaps and identifies the skill requirements it will need in the futureroadmap to achieving resilience can be developedUtilising insights from Microsoft 365 allows an organisation to better understand its current position and how it needs to change to remain resilient.  

Digital enablement and learning can be supported and accelerated by the right technologyMicrosoft provides solutions which can aid learning and development within an organisation.  

Instilling continuous learning into the everyday can be challenging, particularly if this is a new concept to the company culture. To help nurture a philosophy of ongoing learning, Microsoft will soon launch Viva Learning for Teams. Viva Learning enables learning to be seamlessly integrated into the flow of work, making content and resources readily available in the places people spend their time. It creates a central hub of resources on Teams where people can share, assign and discover helpful content libraries. Without leaving Teams, managers can assign learning content to team members, check the status of assignments and empower anyone to organise learning content within Teams channels, chats and tabs.  


Technical resilience in practice

The role of technology in a modern workplace is to not only run systems and automate processes, but to empower people and teams to be their best. Effective solutions improve human working by encouraging connection, learning and development. At Incremental, we understand that technology enables more effective working, but it is only part of the solution. The fundamental element is people. If employees understand why change is happening and how it will benefit them, they are far more likely to embrace it. An ACM strategy is key.

Incremental can help your organisation develop an ACM plan to support the roll out of technology, covering:

  • Implementing a communication and training strategy which supports the change process
  • Ensuring users understand the features available and how to best use the platform
  • Creating a community of champions to support employees and help drive the adoption of new technology.

An effective ACM strategy, coupled with the right solutions, will build a culture of continuous learning and resilience. Incremental can help you identify the right solutions, define the best strategy, implement the tools and processes efficiently and provide ongoing support and training to ensure your organisations remains resilient. Speak to a member of the team today to find out more.