Microsoft enhances Return to the Workplace Power Platform solutions, helping organisations use physical space with confidence.

Microsoft Power Platform Return to the Workplace (RTW) solutions were created by Microsoft in response to the global pandemic. The solutions were developed to support organisations return to physical spaces while prioritising safety.    

Since the solutions launched in July 2020they have been deployed by more than 1,900 organisations in 48 countries. Microsoft listened and learned from the experiences of these organisations and have since announced solution updates. The enhancements to the RTW solutions have been designed to combat the evolving challenges of the pandemic.

Return to the workplace – what is new? 

Incremental were one of the first partners in the UK selected to support and deliver Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace. Our Microsoft experts have been helping organisations transition back to physical spaces where home working is not feasible, for example in aspects of manufacturing.

Since the start of the pandemic, Incremental has been committed to helping our customers navigate the turbulent waters of Covid-19 and is excited by the latest innovations Microsoft have announced for the Return to the Workplace solutions 

The updates provide significant capabilities to transform the way organisations work and future-proof their processes. We have identified the three key updates to Return to the Workplace solutions  

New workplace portal provides safe access for all visitors 

The Return to the Workplace solution released last year includes a self-serve application portal that enables an orgainsation’s stakeholders (for example, employees, contractors or students) to access their work environments safely.

Microsoft have introduced a new Power Apps Workplace Portal which provides safe tracking and access for third-parties, such as vendors, parents or guardians of students. Through a mobile-app, a third-party can receive key Covid-19 resources such as FAQs, guidelines and restrictions and even submit symptom-free status to the location manager.  

The employee application portal utilises Azure active directory for authentication, but for the new third-party portal, there are multiple supported options such as Gmail, Facebook, and Azure active directory B2C. The new portal enables users without a license to enter premises safely and securely.  


Improved manual contact tracing 

The ability to contact trace has been important for sustaining safe working environments for essential businesses during the pandemicContact tracing has been a hot topic over the last year and following the Government’s mishaps, it is something organisation’s cannot risk getting wrong 

The RTW solution enables human teams to track, trace and contact potential exposures. With the latest functionality update, contact tracers can quickly identify case contacts through a suggested list, interview and evaluate contacts, and open a case if needed.

Utilising the out of the box Workplace Care Management Power BI dashboard, health and safety leaders can view case clusters and associated metrics to assess risk of an outbreak and take immediate actions. There are also Power BI updates with a new view for case managers, helping them to prioritise their case workload. 


workplace care management dashboard


Manage employees access with push notifications 

One of the most exciting and recent innovations in the Power Platform has been the introduction of push notifications in Power Apps mobile. Push notifications are used to engage app users, encourage action and communicate important information quickly.

In the latest update, Return to the Workplace solutions have leveraged the new notification functionality. Push notifications in Power Apps are an efficient way to manage access for employees, notifying them of required action (e.g. periodic testing) or new information (e.g. facility shutdown). Push notifications support quick movement of information, helping to reduce the risk of an outbreak.

Power app


Preparing for your return to the workplace 

At Incremental we understand the challenges and uncertainty organisations are facing when planning a return to the workplace. Organisations aspiring to bring employees back to physical workplaces need to give their teams the tools to stay safe and productive. Incremental has created a range of resources to support your transition to modern, hybrid working.

Watch now – Return to the Workplace digital event. In this video we demonstrate how Power Platform solutions can enable workplace readiness.